Exotic Plant Management

Exotic Plant Management Team leader examines an invasive plant
The NCR Exotic Plant Management Team Crew Leader examines a noxious giant hogweed plant.


The National Capital Region Exotic Plant Management Team plans and implements treatments for non-native, invasive plants. The team inventories and maps targeted invasive vegetation, develops control strategies, and, through partnerships, follows treatments with restoration of disturbed areas. The team also conducts outreach and education on invasive plants with park staff, interested volunteers, and community groups.


Alex Voznitza, Acting EPMT Liaison, 202-339-8317. If you need assistance from Resource Stewardship and Science (RESS), you may submit a Solution for Technical Assistance Requests (STAR) request online (NPS Only).


  • Lesser celandine treatment along Rock Creek - Assisting Rock Creek Park with removal of lesser celandine (Ficaria verna) from the floodplain. (ongoing)
  • Potomac Gorge Restoration - Restoration of 18 acres of globally rare habitat in the Potomac Gorge. Seed collection, rare plant propagation, re-vegetation, and invasive plant control. (2015-2016)


Last updated: June 28, 2019