The National Capital Region of the National Park Service hosted its 3rd biennual conference, "Spotlight on National Park Resources", on March 29-30, 2006 at the Fairfax Campus of the George Mason University. The conference was sponsored by the Cultural Resources Advisory Team (CAT), the Natural Resources Advisory Team (NAT), the Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance (UERLA) and George Mason University (GMU).

The Spotlight on National Park Resources conference highlighted both resource management and research conducted in support of our cultural and natural resources during FY04 - FY05. Researchers and NPS staff presented their work which focuses on NCR parks’ efforts to understand and protect cultural and natural resources. "Spotlight on National Park Resources" strived to promote cross-disciplinary education for NPS staff, visitors and interested parties. The conference consisted of two days of oral presentations, a panel discussion and a poster session.

Resources and Documents
Conference Schedule


  • Barrows "The Arthropod Fauna of Dyke Marsh Preserve, Virginia"
  • Bedell "Archeology and History in Rock Creek Park"
  • Bies & Virta "Developing an Integrated Earthworks Management Plan: Balancing Legislative Mandates, Resource Protection, and Recommended Preservation Practices"
  • Brown "An Overview of the Invertebrate Fauna of Plummers Island, Maryland"
  • Dewey "Conservation in the Parks"
  • Donald "A "Tail" of Temperance : Resotration of a Historic Stricture"
  • Droege "Current Native Bee Research and Monitoring in the National Capital Region"
  • Fanning "Order from Chaos: Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., and the Creation of the National Mall"
  • Fiedel "Stratified Prehistoric Sites along the C&O Canal"
  • Hilderbrand "Aquatic Bioassessments in National Capital Region Streams"
  • Jacob "Restoration of the Hahnemann Monument"
  • Jones Welcome to the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, George Mason University
  • Kenworthy "Monumental Resources: Fossils from the National Capital Region"
  • Kerr "Greenbelt Park: Layers of History in a Recreational Landscape"
  • Lee "Archeological Investigations at the U.S. Armory Grounds"
  • Loncosky "Deer and Disturbance, Will Our Forest Regrow?"
  • McShea "Bias in deer density estimation: fact or fiction?"
  • Mortensen "Enhancing Archeological Interpretation in Unlikely Places"
  • Peterson "Reclamation of the Bradford Tract"
  • Vitanza "Architectural Documentation and the Treatment of Historic Structures"
  • Walker "The Roulette Springhouse Historic Structure Report"
  • Wheelock "The Northwest Passage: Creating Fish Passage in Rock Creek"