Past Events

10:00 AM
Natural Resources Advisory Team (NAT) Meeting

George Washington Memorial Parkway - Turkey Run Admin Building

11:00 AM
MD/DE Wildlife Society Chapter - Spring Meeting
DNR and their cooperators will be preseinting informaiton about Allegheny woodrat status, black bear management and Applachian bats.
Admission(non-members): $10.00;




Past Events

Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim

Café Scientifique: Bats Myth & Reality

"Using Landsat-based Continuous Fields for Land Cover/Use Change Analysis"

2008 Spotlight on Natural Resources Conference

DEC 07 Seeps Workshop

APR 07 Lichen Identification Workshop

2006 Spotlight on Natural Resources Conference

NOV 06 Exploring the Effect of Impervious Surfaces on Stream Health

Grassland Restoration Workshops: Aiding Managers in the National Capital Region Parks

2006 Potomac Gorge Bioblitz