The Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) identifies and responds to the natural resource needs of the National Capital Region (NCR), located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The CUE staff focuses on urban ecology within the matrix of the region's nationally significant natural and cultural resources. Through science, service, and partnerships, CUE assists managers in understanding, protecting, and restoring natural resources for future generations.

With the continued development and population growth throughout the area, natural resources are fragmented within urban and suburban landscapes, and are often highly impacted. CUE has the unique ability to advise, manage, and support projects at both the national and regional level through a professional interdisciplinary team that provides comprehensive science and technical support to park resource managers.

The Center for Urban Ecology's mission, as an interdisciplinary team, is to provide scientific guidance, technical assistance and education for the preservation, conservation and enhancement of park resources within urbanizing landscapes.

Monitors air quality to evaluate pollution impacts on park resources, human health, and scenic views.

Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
Develops partnerships with academic and other institutions to address resource issues.

Provides guidance to parks on ecosystem-based resource management.

Exotic Plant Management
Surveys and implements treatments for invasive non-native populations.

Geology and Soils
Identifies and describes significant geological and soil features for park and regional planning.

Horticultural Landscapes
Provides guidance on the management of sustainable horticultural landscapes.

Integrated Pest Management
Solves pest problems using effective low risk methods to protect visitors, resources, and the environment.

Inventory & Monitoring
Documents species present in parks and conducts long-term monitoring for selected natural resource indicators' trends (vital signs).

Threatened and Endangered Species
Assists and facilitates projects for federally endangered species research and recovery.

Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance
Facilitates scientific research and science education in the parks and communicates research findings.

Provides technical support to parks for the identification and reservation of plant resources and coordinates vegetation mapping for the region.

Provides technical assistance for management and protection of aquatic systems.

Provides technical assistance for wildlife management.

Climate Change