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Connected along the Freedom Trail, the park sites in downtown Boston are part of a unique collaboration of public and private organizations. The sites listed here are among the most significant sites in downtown Boston. They were identified in the park's 1974 establishing legislation as possessing the greatest importance in the creation of the United States.

As historic sites, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, and Paul Revere House are each operated by independent non-profit organizations that predate the Park Service itself. Old North remains an active Episcopal church that dates back to 1723. Faneuil Hall remains a City-owned building and it is operated in collaboration with the National Parks of Boston.

Explore these historic sites in Boston

  • The brick Old South Meeting House with its clock tower capped with a steeple

    Old South Meeting House

    Before the Boston Tea Party, a series of "meetings of the body" gathered thousands to resist what they saw as a threat to liberty.

  • The brick building of the Old State House with a lion and unicorn figures on the top of the facade

    Old State House

    Overlooking the site of the Boston Massacre, explore the building which housed the royal colonial government of Massachusetts Bay.

  • A view of brick Faneuil Hall with its white cupola with a gilt dome.

    Faneuil Hall

    Known for generations as the "Cradle of Liberty," this hall remains an active site of meetings, debate, and protest for 275 years.

  • The grey painted wooden home of Paul Revere, as seen today.

    Paul Revere House

    Visit the oldest building in downtown Boston and the home of Paul Revere and his family during the time of the Revolution.

  • A bronze statue of Paul Revere riding a horse with the white steeple of Old North in background

    Old North Church

    Visit Boston's oldest standing church, forever made legendary in Longfellow's poem "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."

Last updated: December 27, 2021

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