Boston's Continuing Revolution

Centered on the north slope of Beacon Hill, the African American community of 19th century Boston led the city and the nation in the fight against slavery and injustice. These remarkable men and women, together with their allies, were leaders in the Abolition Movement, the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, and the early struggle for equal rights and education.

Diagonal view of shaded street of Beacon Hill with townhouses and a partial view of the sidewalk.

Virtual Black Heritage Trail® Tour

Explore the sites of the Black Heritage Trail® virtually.

Sketch of Anthony Burns being surrounded by soldiers during his rendition.

Boston: An Underground Railroad Hub

Discover Boston’s long history as a center of Underground Railroad activity.

Print of Union soldiers storming the walls of Fort Wagner and fighting Confederate soldiers.

A Brave Black Regiment

Learn the stories of the men who served in the Massachusetts 54th Infantry Regiment, a brave Black regiment of the Civil War.

1850 color aerial map of the neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

Upon the Hill: The Beacon Hill Community

Explore the unique role the people and places of Beacon Hill played in Boston's history.

Mural of Frederick Douglass with his portrait in the center and a quote to the left.

Beyond the Hill

Explore the centuries-long continuum for freedom and justice in Boston that influenced and stemmed from the Black community in Beacon Hill.

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