"The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people..."

Discover how one city could be the Cradle of Liberty, site of the first major battle of American Revolution, and home to many who espoused that freedom can be extended to all.

A circular bronze plaque reading "The Freedom Trail" points visitors to the red lined path.
Freedom Trail Audio Tour

Listen to stories of the Freedom Trail, whether in Downtown Boston or at home!

A view of Boston's skyline at daytime. White steeple of Old North in Center.
Plan Your Visit

Plan your visit to a city with over three centuries of revolution.

Bunker Hill Monument with the Prescott Statue before it. On a stand in front is a wreath.
Bunker Hill Commemoration Week 2024

Join the National Parks of Boston and its partners for events commemorating the 249th anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Painting of British soldiers in red coats marching up a steep hill, being attacked by other soldiers
The Battle of Bunker Hill

Learn about this "Decisive Day" through this video series and article.

A white obelisk, the Bunker Hill Monument, against a blue sky with a green tree in the foreground.
Building the Bunker Hill Monument

Discover the great lengths Bostonians went in order to construct the iconic monument memorializing the Battle of Bunker Hill.

grid of 4 images. A pillar; partly constructed and finished Bunker Hill Monument; Group of people
Bunker Hill Memory

How have people remembered the Battle of Bunker Hill and the monument that commemorates it at different moments in history?

Statue of a man on horseback waving his arm. In the background is a white steeple.
Enemies to this Country Guided Tour

Decide who the real "Enemies to This Country" were in the months before the breakout of the War for Independence.

Two Park rangers dressed in period clothing, one has a musket to her side and speaks to the audience
Muskets, Men, and Liberty

Listen to a ranger dressed in period clothing discuss why three men from different backgrounds stepped onto the battlefield.

The mess of the USS CASSIN YOUNG which has white square tables with gray food trays on top.

Explore above and below the main deck of USS CASSIN YOUNG (DD 793), a Fletcher-class Destroyer.

Last updated: June 11, 2024

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