Devil Canyon

Kayaking Devils Canyon
This is the only campsite between Horseshoe Bend and Barry’s Landing at the head of Devil Canyon on Porcupine Creek. This site is approximately one mile from the main canyon. There are a couple of other smaller sites just a bit farther up Porcupine Creek. The large area pictured above can support up to ten tents up to lake level 3625. At 3635 the lower areas are too wet to be camp worthy, but the upper area will still support 3-4 tents.There may be rattlesnakes in this area, watch where you put your hands and feet. Devil Canyon is one of the best places in the park to see Bighorn Sheep and there are signs of bear activity as well. There is plenty of firewood and good landing areas at most lake levels. This is one of the most scenic campsites in the park and it sees little use by motorized watercraft. The Crow Indian Reservation surrounds most of the northern end of the Recreation Area and is closed to all public use. Within the Recreation Area, lakeshore camping is permitted up to full pool plus 30 elevational feet unless otherwise posted.

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