Bear Resistant Food Containers (BRFCs)

What are BRFCs?

These hard plastic portable containers are a vital part of Denali’s bear/human conflict management program. You must store all food, garbage, and other scented items in a BRFC when camping overnight in Units 1-21 and 23-43. BRFC's are recommended for overnight camping in all other units. Their consistent use has resulted in a bear population that does not associate humans or their property with food sources. A small BRFC weighs 3 lbs. and holds 3-5 days of food for one person, and the larger BRFC weighs 5 lbs. and carries 7-10 days of food. BRFCs are issued free of charge with backcountry permits and must be returned within 48 hours of completion of your backcountry trip. If the BRFC is lost or damaged, you may be held responsible for its replacement.

BRFCs Approved for Use in Denali

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) is the authority consulted for what products are and are not permissible in Denali.

If using your own BRFC, be prepared to show it to the Backcountry Desk staff for approval before a permit is issued.

  • The Bare Boxer, Model 101 Champ, Model 202
  • BearVault
    • BV250 Solo
    • BV300
    • BV350 Solo
    • BV400
    • BV450 Solo
    • BV500
  • Craftsman Tech Composites, Wise Backpack
  • Counter Assault, Bear Keg
  • Garcia Machine, Backpackers’ Cache Model 812
  • Lighter1 Bear Bins, Big Daddy Model and Lil’ Sami Model
  • Loctote Industrial Bag Company, Flak Sack Model 21228 and Flak Sack Coalition Model 21242
  • Missoula Technical Development Center, Modifications to 50 Caliber Ammo Box and Modifications to Military Medical Box
  • Riley Stove Company
    • Grain Storage Container
    • Food Storage Container
    • Insulated Cooler
  • Security Equipment Corporation, Frontiersman Insider Bear Safe Model FBS-100 and Frontiersman Insider Bear Safe Model FBS-100 (B)(prototype only)
  • UDAP Industries Inc., “No Fed Bear” Canister
  • Ursack, Food Storage Container Model: Ursack Major (Previously the S29 AllWhite) and Food Storage Container Model: AllMitey
  • Vernon Matthews, Greif Bros Steel Drums
  • Wes Mauz, Aluminum Canister 303-908-7383
  • World Safety Products Overpack Plastic Drums - 95, 65 and 30 gallon (Models 1690, 1661 and 1600 with modified metal reinforced lid) 888-847-7190

This reflects the March 2019 product list from the IGBC. We periodically review the IGBC site for updates to the approved list. If you feel that the IGBC has updated their list and we have not provided the latest info on our site, please contact us and we'll update our site as necessary. Learn more about the Interagency Grizzly Bear Council

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