Fire Management Projects


Current Projects
(Some project discriptions not available)

Completed Projects (Zion)
Blue Creek Prescribed Fire 2002
Oak Creek Fuel Reduction Project 2002
Zion Lodge Fuel Reduction Project 2003
Exotic Plants Fuel Reduction Project 2003
Watchman Hazard Fuels Reduction Project 2003
Weeping Rock Prescribed Fire 2003
Rockville Bench Fuel Reduction Project 2004
Kolob Visitor Center Fuel Reduction Project 2004
Zion Canyon Wildland Urban Interface 2004
East Boundary Fuel Reduction Treatments 2004
Clear Trap Prescribed Fire 2004
East Mesa Prescribed Fire 2006
Pine Valley Peak Prescribed Burn 2007
East Mesa Prescribed Fire 2008
Three Finger Mesa Prescribed Fire 2008
Zion Firefighters Receive Thanks 2009
Horse Wildfire 2009
East Entrance Prescribed Fire 2010
Zion Canyon Prescribed Fires 2011
Zion Residential Fuel Reduction 2011
Clear Trap Prescribed Fire 2013
Zion Campground Prescribed Fire 2014

Completed Projects (Other Area Parks)
Cedar Breaks Emergency Fuel Reduction 2002
Cedar Breaks Fuel Reduction Project 2003
Pipe Spring Fuel Reduction Project 2003
Bryce Canyon Prescribed Fire 2004
Bryce Canyon Swamp Fire Use Fire 2005
Bryce Canyon Prescribed Fire 2006
Bryce Canyon Prescribed Fire 2007
Bryce Canyon Prescribed Fire (Residential) 2008
Golden Spike Research Prescribed Fires 2008
Florissant Fossil Beds Fuel Treatments Contain Wildfire 2009
Black Canyon of the Gunnison's First Prescribed Fire 2009
Restoration of Fire Lookout in Mesa Verde 2009
Grand Canyon Fire Lookouts 2009
Grand Canyon Emergency Services Facility 2009
Bryce Canyon AM Radio System 2009
Dinosaur NM Roundtop Lookout 2010
Great Sand Dunes Award 2011
Rocky Mountain Pile Burn 2012
Bryce Canyon Module Success 2012
Bryce Canyon Fuel Reduction 2013
Bryce Canyon Firewood Project 2014
Mesa Verde Fuel Reduction Project 2014

Last updated: December 14, 2018

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