Human Use

A musher in the preserve.

NPS Photo by Susan Holly

The preserve contains evidence of some of North America's earliest human inhabitants. Many current residents of the area still practice a traditional and customary subsistence lifestyle, which is an integral element of the preserve.
The allure of the North attracts visitors who want to connect to the historic and natural resources of the area. The area's history of rugged individualism is manifest in the cabins, relic buildings, and the lifestyles of the local people.
Yukon River Travelers
Visitors are drawn by the size and scope of the Yukon River; these include summer floaters and winter mushers. They enjoy the bush lifestyle and history of human use embedded in the landscape.
The preserve provides habitat that supports fish, wildlife, and plants important to subsistence activities.
Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing
The preserve affords opportunities for sport hunting, trapping, and fishing in a remote, uncrowded setting dominated by natural processes.

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