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Aerial view of the Yukon River with fall colors
What is Yukon-Charley Rivers?

Deep in Interior Alaska, the Yukon River strikes through bluffs of an ancient landscape while the Charley is an entirely protected watershed

The Coal Creek dredge among fall colors
Significant Values of the Preserve

Learn about what makes the preserve special and why it was federally protected

Sled dogs bark in excitement on the Yukon River

Current events and notifications in Yukon-Charley Rivers

A photographer taking photos on the Yukon River
Photos & Multimedia

Photo albums of the preserve

Historic photo of men standing on Yukon River shore with mammoth tusk
History & Culture

Numerous people have passed through the upper Yukon River and left histories to be interpreted. Some have stayed and continued making it.

Aerial view of Cut Mountain, the highest mountain in the preserve

The natural features and scientific research of Yukon-Charley Rivers

A child holds a bear skull around a park ranger's head

Educational resources for teachers and children.

The preserve headquarters office under the aurora borealis

The operational factors of the preserve

Last updated: August 2, 2016

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