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Old Faithful was once called “Eternity’s Timepiece” because of the regularity of its eruptions. However, this geyser never erupted at exact hourly intervals as many believe. Ranger Darlene Bos explains how we predict eruptions for this popular geyser. Additional filming by David Restivo and Jay Elhard.


Geyser predictions are also available from several sources:

  • Download the free NPS app on iTunes or Google Play.
  • Contact us by phone for a recorded message with current predictions.
  • Visit the Geyser Times website.
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Notes on Predictions:

- Predictions are not available when the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center is closed, typically early November through mid-December and mid-March through mid-April.

- The last prediction made will remain up until a new prediction is available.



Geyser activity changes with time; the table below was last updated November 2020. Predicted geysers are marked with an asterisk (*).

Upper Geyser Basin

Location Average Interval Duration Height (ft/m)
Artemisia Irregular (9-31 hours) 5-25 min 30'/9m
Aurum Irregular (4-22 hours) 70 sec 20'/6m
Baby Daisy 35-55 min 3 min 25'/8m
Beehive Irregular (intervals range from 22-36 hours to over two weeks) 5 min 150+'/45+m
Castle* 13 hours 30 minutes (+/- 45 minutes)
2nd major after a minor: 14 hours 45 minutes (+/- 45 minutes)
15-20 min (frequent minor eruptions) 75'/24m
Daisy* 2 hours 45 minutes (+/- 30 min or longer if windy) 3.5 min 75'/24m
Depression Irregular (2.5 to 4+ hours) 6 min 10'/3m
Fan & Mortar Irregular. Five eruptions so far in 2020: 8/10; 8/31; 9/6;10/30; 11/4 35 min 100+'/30+m
Giant Last eruptions: 10/3/2008; 2/8-9/2009; 1/15-16/2010; 1/22/2010; 9/28/2015 90+ minutes 200+'/60+
Giantess Last eruptions: 1/3/2011; 5/7-8/2011; 9/13/2011; 1/29/14; 8/26/20; 9/10/20 4-48 hours 150+'/45+m
Grand* 6 hours 30 minutes (+/- 60 minutes) 8-12 min 160+'/48+m
Lion Variable intervals between series;
60-90 minute intervals within a Lion series
6-7 min initial
3-5 min succeeding
Little Cub 30-45 minutes when regular 3-5 min 5'/1.5m
Oblong 3-7 hours 5-7 minutes 25'/8m
Old Faithful* 94 or 68 min (+/- 10 minutes) 1.5-5 min 106-184'/30-55m
Plume Irregular. Dormant since 2012. 1 min 25'/8m
Riverside* 6 hours 30 min (+/- 30 min) 20 min 75'/24m

Lower Geyser Basin

Location Average Interval Duration Height (ft/m)
Fountain 4.5-7 hours 25-50 min 50'/15m
Great Fountain* 11 hours 30 minutes (+/- 2 hours) 45-60 min 70-200+'/22-60+m

Norris Geyser Basin

Location Last Eruptions Duration Height (ft/m)
Echinus Irregular. 1/9/18;1/26/19 3-5 min 30+'/9+m
Steamboat See the Steamboat page for latest eruptions 10+ min (water phase)
Hours to days (steam phase)
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