Boreal Chorus Frogs

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/Natural sounds of frogs chirping/
I remember walking out of the house in the afternoon
and I heard the most amazing sound.
and it seemed to be coming from everywhere
because it was so loud.
I eventually wandered down to a lovely little riparian area
near the housing
and I still couldn't figure out what was making the sound.
How can you have so much sound
and not see what it is?
The boreal chorus frog is really common in Yellowstone,
but they're such an uncommon animal.
They are very small...a huge male is only an inch
and a half long.
And they have a special adaptation
that there bodies can nearly freeze,
and yet they are not damaged when they thaw out.
Which is a cool thing, but it also means that if we can
figure out how it works, this may help humans who have
suffered severe hypothermia or other damage to their bodies
from extreme cold.
I'm ranger Rita Garcia.
I'm an interpretive park ranger at Yellowstone National Park.

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If you've visited Yellowstone during spring, you've probably heard the all-male chorus of the boreal chorus frog: but actually seeing them is another matter. Ranger Rita Garcia reminisces about discovering these tiny amphibians for the first time.


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