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Welcome to the Yellowstone video library. The selection files available here were recorded in the park and are in the public domain. They may be downloaded and used without limitation; however, please credit the "National Park Service" where appropriate.

These files have been encoded at their native resolution using the H.264 codec. To acquire additional camera footage, interested parties must provide an external, PC-formatted hard drive. To make arrangements, please contact us.

If you're searching for audio, check out our sound library.


Absaroka Range (winter)
Amphibian (boreal chorus frog)


Bighorn Sheep (ram)
Bird (ruffed grouse)
Bison (calves)
Bison (grazing, winter)
Bison (on roads, winter)
Bison (outside Yellowstone)
Bison (summer)
Bear (black)
Bear (grizzly)
Boreal chorus frogs


Castle Geyser
Clepsydra Geyser
Cutthroat Trout


Electric Peak (winter)
Elk (bugling)
Elk (chasing cars)


Firehole River (winter)
Fish (cutthroat trout)
Fountain Geyser
Fountain Paint Pot
Frogs (boreal chorus)
Fumarole (close up)
Fumaroles (wide)


Gallatin Range (winter)
Geyser (Clepsydra)
Geyser (Castle, winter)
Geyser (Fountain)
Geyser (Old Faithful, with crowd)
Geyser (Sawmill)
Gibbon River (winter)
Grand Prismatic Spring
Grizzly Bear (single, early spring)
Grizzly Bear (with wolves)
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Lower Falls from Lookout Point)
Grouse (ruffed, display)


Lower Geyser Basin (telephoto, steam)
Lower Falls




Norris Geyser Basin (fumarole)
Norris Geyser Basin (telephoto, steam)
Norris Geyser Basin (wide, Porcelain Basin)


Old Faithful (eruption, with crowd)


Plowing Operations
Porcelain Basin (wide)


Ruffed Grouse (display)


Sawmill Geyser
Seismograph Station (earthquakes)
Spring Plowing
Snow (blowing)
Snow (falling)
Steam (Norris Geyser Basin)


Trout (cutthroat)


Waterfalls (Lower Falls)
Winter (Absaroka Range)
Winter (bison grazing)
Winter (bison on road)
Winter (blowing snow)
Winter (Castle Geyser)
Winter (falling snow)
Winter (Firehole River)
Winter (Gallatin Range)
Winter (Gibbon River)
Wolf (capture and collaring)
Wolf (single, collared)
Wolves (two, with grizzly)
Wolves (Lamar Pack)

This project has been supported by Canon U.S.A., Inc., through a grant to Yellowstone Forever, the official fundraising partner of Yellowstone National Park. Canon supports various park education and research projects.

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Last updated: March 3, 2022

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