Boreal Chorus Frog

A tan frog with black spots on a glistening moss
Boreal chorus frogs are widely distributed in Yellowstone.

NPS/Jay Fleming

Two dark green glistening salamanders with light green bellies side by side on gravel
Western Tiger Salamander

Western tiger salamanders are common and abundant in some areas of Yellowstone.

A frog on a small log with white belly and dark green back reflected in water
Columbia Spotted Frog

To survive the winter, Columbia spotted frogs go into water that does not freeze.

A bumpy, black spotted rests on top of another toad
Western Toad

Western toads were once common throughout Yellowstone.

A green and brown bumpy toad in held in the hollow of two gloved hands
Plains Spadefoot Toad

In 2015, a breeding population of plains spadefoot toads was confirmed in Yellowstone.

A frog with stretched chin in water

Amphibians are valuable indicators of stressors such as disease or climate change.

Last updated: September 11, 2019

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