Historical Chronology

1866 Oklahoma Map titled Indian Territory indicating location of various tribes
Map of Indian Territory, 1866  (Courtesy Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division)

To better understand the context of the Washita attack, it is important to understand the events that caused it. While not completely comprehensive, this overview of events does give a broad perspective leading up to the Washita attack in 1868. The following articles, organized by month, relate to what happened during that time, around 150 years ago.

April, 1867
May, 1867
June, 1867
July, 1867
August, 1867
September, 1867
October, 1867
November, 1867
January, 1868
April, 1868
May, 1868
July, 1868
August, 1868
September, 1868

Last updated: November 18, 2019

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