Find Peace in Parks

Many people find peace in remarkable places. As winter settles in and many of us dream about hibernating, explore how parks can be places of healing, inspiration, and peace. Some parks become serene winter wonderlands blanketed in snow; others offer dreams of vacation getaways or festive fun. Whether you think the weather outside is frightful or delighful, stay connected with national parks in-person and virtually as the year comes to an end and a new one begins.

Graphic of a bison made of snow flakes with text reading "National Park Service"

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From the glow of the northern lights to a quiet snow-covered trail, parks can be places of healing, inspiration, and peace. Time spent in nature can have a significant positive effective on mental and physical health. Take time to reconnect with the natural world in parks. Find places to relax, unwind, or that inspire you to learn more. Where will you go? What are your favorite park memories and traditions? Do you have a peaceful photo of parks?

Share ways you find peace in parks with the hashtag #MyParkStory.

Ways to Find Your Peace in Parks

Illustration of a Sasquatch hand on a laptop looking at national park information
Find Your Virtual Park

Stay connected with national parks across the country with online resources and virtual experiences.

Poster of an elk in front of a mountain and trees with text reading "Recreate Responsibly"
Join the #RecreateResponsibly Movement

Visiting a park? Model best practices to protect America's treasures while looking out for each other's health and safety.

Mountain range and its reflection in a lake
Enjoy Scenic Views

Find inspiration exploring some of the scenic views of nature and cultural places in parks. Share some of your favorites.

Smiling ranger holding up arms while standing outside in the snow
Weathering Winter

As fall turns into winter and temperatures drop, get ready to find your winter experience in national parks.

Toy train covered in snow next to evergreen branches with holiday lights
Get in the Spirit

With the cold air upon us, share in cultural traditions of communities that celebrate the winter season.

Kid sledding in the snow
Winter Sports

Bundle up and head outdoors to play in a winter wonderland of snow! Choose your favorite snow activity and where to go.

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    Partnering for Finding Peace in Parks

    Explore some of the ways that our partners are sharing opportunities to find peace in parks and how you can get involved or enjoy the experience.

    An Eastern meadowlark singing

    Listen in to an innovative audio experience with the National Park Foundation to enjoy soundscapes of your favorite parks from anywhere.

    Campsite with tent and campfire in a desert under the Milky Way
    Sounds of Your Park

    Join a collaborative effort to collect, enjoy, and celebrate the acoustical beauty of the world's national parks and other protected areas.

    Peace in Nature

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      Personal Journeys of Finding Peace, Healing, and Understanding

      People often come to national parks on personal journeys of reflection, remembrance, healing, or understanding by connecting to the many places of history, memorials, and wilderness. Follow some of the stories shared by visitors and staff.

      A Peace of Mind for Safety and Health

      Illustration of northern lights over a snow-covered forest with text "Recreate Responsibly"

      NPS / Matt Turner

      Winter can be a great time to take advantage of health benefits of parks for physical and mental well-being, especially to de-stress at the end of the year. Whether you are out taking a hike, sledding, snowshoeing, or just enjoying the winter scenery in the great outdoors, remember to keep safety in focus at all times when visiting a park in person.

      Following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local public health authorities, park operations continue to adapt to changing conditions while maintaining public access, particularly outdoor spaces. Before visiting a park, please check the National Park Service's public health updates and the park's website to determine its operating status.

      Infographic titled "Winter Driving", detailed alternative text is on the webpage

      NPS / Derrick Lam and Lilia Fomm

      The infographic is titled "Winter Driving". The illustration includes the view out of a car's front windshield driving in a snowy, foggy area on a road lined with trees. The driver has two hands on the steering wheel and is maintaining a long distance from a vehicle in front on the road.

      The illustration includes the road signs and text for "Slippery Road" and "Reduced Visibility".

      The infographic includes four driving tips, including drive slowly, increase following distance, turn on headlights, and always wear a seatbelt. More information is on the website "".

      Roads can be slippery and visibility can be reduced during the winter. Practice these basic winter weather driving tips to keep yourselves and others safe while out enjoying the spectacular winter scenery in parks.

      • Drive slowly to adjust for the conditions of the road and your surroundings.
      • Increase following distance between you and the vehicles in front of you.
      • Turn on your headlights to help others see you and to increase your own visibility.
      • Always wear a seatbelt.
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        International Peace, Cooperation, and Healing

        • Heart symbol and part of an inscription on a memorial wall
          African Burial Ground NM

          A sacred space in the heart of New York City, the monument is a memorial to free and enslaved Africans who were buried there.

        • Desert plants and water at sunset
          Armistad National Recreation Area

          Amistad, from the Spanish word for "friendship," was originally managed through an international agreement with Mexico.

        • Kids drawing of the US and Mexican flags
          Chamizal National Memorial

          The park is a living memorial that celebrates the accomplishment of the Chamizal Treaty, made possible through international cooperation.

        • Monsoons building over a mountain peak
          Coronado National Memorial

          The park is an international memorial to reflect on the interactions between early European explorers and indigenous peoples.

        • A road through the mountains
          Glacier National Park

          Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is the world's first international peace park and world heritage site.

        • Memorial statue under cherry blossom trees with the Washington Monument in the distance
          National Mall & Memorial Parks

          The internationally-famous cherry blossom trees adorning the National Mall were a gift of friendship from Japan.

        • Tall tower structure on an island at dusk
          Perry's Victory & International Peace

          On an island in Lake Erie, the memorial celebrates the long-lasting peace of the US and Great Britain after the War of 1812.

        • Aerial view of an island with remnants of a settlement
          Saint Croix Island IHS

          A designated international historic site, Saint Croix Island is a memorial to the first attempted French settlement in North America.

        Comfort Foods (Or in Foods)

        The preparation and the eating (of course) of food can often be a fun experience bringing people together or finding a peaceful state of mind. Check out some historic or personal recipes from parks.

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          Last updated: December 4, 2023