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Chamizal is more than just an urban park to recreate or enjoy a quiet afternoon. These grounds are a reminder of the harmonious settlement of a 100-year boundary dispute between the United States and Mexico. We celebrate the cultures of the borderlands to promote the same mutual respect that helped to diplomatically resolve an international disagreement.

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[Orchestra plays "A Midsummer Night's dream, Op. 61- Dance of the Clowns"] This is where goodwill triumphed over conflict, where disagreement dissolved into cooperation, where languages that divided us are joined together, where boundaries are redrawn, where art brings cultural exchange to life and life to longstanding traditions. This is Chamizal National Memorial, a living memorial. I am Chamizal! We are Chamizal!

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We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. We are a diverse group of people. We share the beautifully complex history of a conflict and resolution between the United States and Mexico. We celebrate this border culture. We are Chamizal National Memorial. Join this junior ranger on his encounter. He found his park. He is Chamizal. We invite you to find your park here, too.

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A History Of Conflict and Resolution

It's a history of international importance. Do you know why? Find out more with our new virtual exhibit!

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Last updated: September 15, 2022

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