NAGPRA requires Federal agencies, museums, Indian Tribes, and Native Hawaiian organizations to complete certain documents as a part of protection or repatriation of human remains and cultural items. Templates in MS Word are provided to assist with these requirements. If you need assistance with these templates or the available templates do not fit your needs, please contact nagpra_info@nps.gov.

Generally applicable templates

  • Cultural affiliation record (forthcoming)
  • Consultation record
  • Determination of most appropriate claimant/requestor (forthcoming)

Protection on Federal or Tribal Lands

  • Disposition statement on Tribal lands (forthcoming)
  • Step 1 - Inform consulting parties (forthcoming)
  • Step 2 - Submit a Notice of Intended Disposition (NID)
  • Step 3 - Submit a claim for disposition (forthcoming)
  • Step 4 - Respond to a claim for disposition (forthcoming)
  • Step 5- Disposition statement on Federal or Tribal lands (forthcoming)
  • List of unclaimed human remains or cultural items (forthcoming)
  • Notice of Proposed Transfer or Reinterment-Federal or Tribal lands (forthcoming)
  • Transfer or reinterment statement-Federal or Tribal lands (forthcoming)

Repatriation - General

Repatriation of Human Remains or Associated Funerary Objects

Repatriation of Cultural Items

  • Step 1 - Compile a summary
  • Step 4 - Request for Repatriation (forthcoming)
  • Step 5 - Respond to a Request for Repatriation (forthcoming)
  • Step 6 - Submit a Notice of Intended Repatriation (NIR) for

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