State Historic Preservation Office Grants

What do annual grants to SHPOs support?

Annual formula grants to SHPOs provide financial support for eight program areas described in and required by the National Historic Preservation Act. A summary and general description of these program areas follows below. In addition, specific examples of selected work products are catalogued in the NPS IRMA system. This system presents grant products from many HPF-supported grant programs, including annual awards to SHPOs, as well as other requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act, like comprehensive statewide preservation plans.

These program areas are:
  1. award administration
  2. historic preservation planning
  3. survey and inventory
  4. National Register
  5. development, acquisition, and covenants
  6. preservation tax incentives
  7. review and compliance
  8. local government certification

Other Supported Activities

Although not part of other described program activities, the National Historic Preservation Act and HPF grant manual allow SHPOs to use grant and subgrant funding for a variety of additional activities like outreach or education programs directly related to HPF grant-assisted programs or projects, HABS/HAER/HALS documentation projects, training, conferences, and publications provided that all grant requirements are met.

Update to the SHPO Apportionment Formula

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    Last updated: May 1, 2024