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A visitor gazes up at a giant sequoia.
The General Grant Tree Trail is open in Kings Canyon National Park. This is a half-mile, paved, loop trail among some of the largest trees in the world. Access to this trail is about a 20-minute drive from the entrance to Kings Canyon.

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Autumn 2023

Planning to visit the giant sequoias? Expect cool autumn temperatures in Grant Grove and Giant Forest.

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit giant sequoias! However, temperatures in sequoia groves can be very cool in the mornings and evenings. Be prepared and bring warm clothing such as long pants, a jacket, a hat, and gloves.

Avoid swimming in rivers.

Park rivers still run fast and cold due to what remains from last winter's heavy winter snowpack. Swimming and recreating near rivers is not recommended. Be especially careful near the water's edge, rocks can be slippery and difficult to navigate safely.

Expect some construction delays.

Expect delays on multiple stretches of the Generals Highway as crews continue to work to repair roads damaged during the winter, specifically the section of the highway between Hospital Rock and the Giant Forest.

In the Grant Grove area there are sometimes traffic delays or closures of roads or paved areas due to pavement striping.

2023 Closures

The following areas are closed due to impacts from 2022-2023 winter storms:

  • Crystal Cave: closed for 2023 due to damage to Crystal Cave Road.

  • Mineral King: No public access for the 2023 season.

  • Cedar Grove: Highway 180 to Cedar Grove was severely damaged and will not open in 2023.


General and Area-Specific Conditions

  • For current road conditions, call (559) 565-3341 (press 1, then 1).

Seasonal Road Closures

  • Moro Rock/Crescent Meadow Road (Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park) is closed to public traffic when shuttle service is running during holiday weekends.
  • Highway 180 to Cedar Grove (Kings Canyon National Park) is closed at the Hume Lake Road gate due to extensive damage from winter storms.
  • Mineral King Road (Sequoia National Park) will remain closed to public access for 2023.
  • Middle Fork Road (Foothills, Sequoia National Park) is closed to vehicles due to damage from winter storms.
  • Crystal Cave Road (Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park) is closed for 2023.
  • Redwood Mountain Road (Kings Canyon National Park) remains closed due to hazardous conditions from the 2021 KNP Complex Fire and damage from winter storms in early 2023.


  • On weekends and federal holidays when the shuttle service is running (see below), Moro Rock/Cresent Meadow Road is closed to public traffic.


  • Expect parking at the Giant Forest Museum and General Sherman Tree to fill early on weekends and holidays. 

Free Giant Forest and Lodgepole Shuttle During the Holidays

  • The free shuttle operates within the Giant Forest, Lodgepole, and Wuksachi areas on the following dates:
    • November 23 - 26
    • December 23 - January 1
    • January 13 - 14
    • February 17 - 18
  • Parking for the shuttle is recommended at Lodgepole Campground and Sherman Tree Main Parking, especially on busy weekends and holidays.
  • Visit the shuttle webpage for more information about shuttle routes and stops.


  • Most trails within the Giant Forest and Lodgepole areas are open.
  • Be prepared for downed trees and other debris as trail crews continue to work on improving trails for the summer season.
  • Pick up a trail map (proceeds from trail maps go directly to the Sequoia Park Conservancy) at any visitor center.


  • Campground reservations are required in advance, there are no first-come, first-served sites available.
  • Lodgepole Campground: reservations must be made in advance through Lodgepole Campground is the most popular campground in the parks and site availability may be extremely limited, especially on weekends and holidays.
  • Dorst Creek Campground is closed for the season.


Wuksachi Lodge and Restaurant are now open for lodging and food service. See for more information.

Free Ranger Programs

Ranger-led programs are available. Visit the Giant Forest Museum or Lodgepole Visitor Center for more information. For the schedule of ranger talks and programs, see our events calendar. *Ranger programs are posted online about one week in advance.


  • Temperatures in the mountains are cooler than in the valleys. Bring extra layers of clothing for mornings and evenings.


  • Gamlin Cabin on Grant Tree Trail is closed due to structural issues. Do not pass the Do Not Enter tape around the cabin. 
  • Trails in the Redwood Canyon area are closed following damage from the 2021 KNP Complex Fire and will not reopen until conditions are safe. Some trees in the area are still burning and some smoke can be visible from the highway.


  • Highway 180 is open up to the Hume Junction Gate. The Kings Canyon Scenic Byway to Cedar Grove is closed due to damage from winter storms.
  • Hume Lake Road: Open from the Hwy 180 Junction to around Ten Mile Campground. Please call the Hume Lake Ranger District for the most current road conditions: (559) 338-2251.


  • Most campgrounds fill well in advance of weekends and holidays. Reservation windows vary between campgrounds, see each individual campground page or for more information. There are no first-come, first-served sites available at park campgrounds. Please do not plan to camp if you do not have a reservation.

Free Ranger Programs

Ranger-led walks and talks are available. Visit the Kings Canyon Visitor Center for more information. For the schedule of ranger talks and programs, see our events calendar. *Ranger programs are posted online about one week in advance.

Highway 180, the only road into the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park, is closed and will not open in 2023.

Due to severe road damage along the Highway 180 corridor between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove, Caltrans does not expect repairs to be completed before the end of the summer season. Cedar Grove will not be accessible by car this summer or fall.

Stay safe in the foothills

View the rivers from a distance. The water is still very cold and swift. The soil near and along the rivers can be unstable. It can collapse unexpectedly under the weight of people, including children, and result in falls into the river.  

Many areas in the foothills were affected by fires and flooding in recent years. Check our Foothills Trails page for ideas to help you plan your trip. Also check the map of closures at the bottom of this page.

If you want a cooked lunch during your visit to the foothills, bring it pre-cooked from home. Stage 2 fire restrictions are in effect.

See our fire restrictions page for details. If you're planning to leave the foothills and head into the mountains to see sequoias, food and meals are available in the Lodgepole and Wuksachi areas.

Hospital Rock Pictographs 

By working with local Native Americans, we’ve learned the pictographs at Hospital Rock are sacred to their communities. They are as important as any place of worship. Do not touch or mark on the pictographs or rocks here. If you see someone vandalizing this area, please let a park ranger know right away.

Closed Trails

  • Ladybug Trail and Garfield Grove Trail: The portion of South Fork Road within the park boundary that provides access to the trailheads for Ladybug Trail and Garfield Grove Trail suffered severe damage from flooding and landslides during winter storms. The road is impassable to vehicles. The trails have not been evaluated following the storms, but significant damage and challenging or hazardous sections are likely. Anyone wanting to travel on these trails should be self-reliant, as road damage -- as well as any trail damage -- makes any rescue effort challenging and subject to delays.


  • Potwisha Campground is open.  Reservations are required. Visit to reserve your campsite.
  • Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are currently in effect. All fires, including campfires in fire rings, are prohibited below 6,000 feet at Potwisha Campground, Foothills picnic areas including Hospital Rock, Foothills Visitor Center, and Ash Mountain, and wilderness areas

Campground Closures

  • Buckeye Flat Campground is closed for 2023 due to damage from repeated winter storms in early 2023.
  • South Fork Campground is currently inaccessible and closed due to damage from flooding and landslides from winter storms.  Damage to the campground and the access road are being assessed. At this time, it is unknown when the campground will re-open.

Free Ranger Programs

Ranger-led walks and talks are available on weekends. Visit the Foothills Visitor Center for more information. For the schedule of ranger talks and programs, see our events calendar. *Ranger programs are posted online about one week in advance.

Know Where You Can Go

Some roads and trails remain closed due to impacts from winter storms in early 2023. Check the closure map at the bottom of this page.


Pets, including those riding in backpacks, are prohibited on all trails. This includes paved trails, such as the General Sherman Tree Trail, Big Trees Trail, and Grant Tree Trail. In the nearby national forest lands that surround these parks, leashed pets are allowed on trails. Leashes must be less than 6 feet (1.8 meters) long. Learn more about traveling with pets.

Traffic Congestion

During weekends and holidays, entrance stations become congested. Check out these tips to avoid congestion or the inconveniences it may cause. To save time, buy your entrance pass online before you arrive. If visiting the Giant Forest, plan to park and ride the fare-free Sequoia Shuttle during your visit.

Recent Wildfire Activity

In September of 2021, the lightning-caused KNP Complex Fire burned through a significant portion of the park. You will see evidence of recent wildfire along the Generals Highway and on trails. Check our tips for safety in burned areas if you plan to hike in an area affected by fire. Our closure map shows trails (in red) that are closed.

NPS Mobile App

Want to improve your visit to Sequoia and Kings Canyon? Download the NPS App to get information on popular features, visitor centers, campgrounds, fees and passes, park alerts, passport stamp locations, and more. When you install the app, check the option to download offline content. Cell service is extremely limited at the parks and this option will allow you to use the app in areas with no coverage. Visiting other parks? The NPS App connects you to every one of the 400+ locations managed by the National Park Service.

WiFi and Cellular Service

WiFi is available at Kings Canyon and Foothills visitor centers. However, if you use the NPS Mobile app, download the app and data before you arrive. Cell phone service may be available in the Grant Grove and Lodgepole developed areas for Verizon customers, and outside the Foothills Visitor Center for AT&T customers. However, cellular service is not always available.

Information on Neighboring Public Lands

  • Traveling to Yosemite National Park? Visit their webpage to plan your trip in advance.

  • For information on the status of the Sequoia National Forest or Giant Sequoia National Monument (managed by the US Forest Service), visit the Sequoia National Forest website.

  • For information on Lake Kaweah (managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), visit their website.

Day Hiking

No permits are needed for day hiking. See the Day Hiking Page for more information about trails in different areas of the parks. You can purchase a hiking map for the Giant Forest and Grant Grove areas at any visitor center, all proceeds benefit the Sequoia Parks Conservancy. During the winter months, personal traction devices, such as spikes for footware, are recommended for ice and icy snow.

Trail Closures

Some trails are closed due to impacts from 2023 winter storms and from past wildfires.

Want to do overnight backpacking?

See the Wilderness Permits page for information.

Open Campgrounds

Many campgrounds in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks were impacted during 2023 winter storms and some closures remain in effect. See the campground page for open and close status for each campground.

Reservations Required

Most campgrounds fill well in advance of weekends and holidays. Reservation windows vary between campgrounds. Details about each campground can be found through our campground page or check for more information. During the winter, Azalea Campground in the Grant Grove area is the ONLY campground that has first-come, first-served sites available. Please do not plan to camp if you do not have a reservation.

Current Fire Restrictions: Stage 2

  • Stage 2 fire restrictions prohibit all fires, including campfires, wood and charcoal fires, and wood-burning stoves in the hot, dry, low-elevation areas of the parks below 6,000 feet. These areas include but are not limited to: Potwisha Campground and picnic areas at Hospital Rock, Foothills Visitor Center, and Ash Mountain. See the Fire Restrictions page for more details.


Map of Current Closures at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Click on a line or point for the name of the closed location.

Road and trail closures are shown in red. Individual point closures are shown with black pins. Area closures are shown in yellow.
Closures can change at any time and may differ from what is shown on this map.

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    Air Quality

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  • A metal food storage box is provided at each campsite.
    Store Food to Protect Wildlife

    Bears are active day and night. When camping or picnicking, all food, trash, and any item with a scent must be stored in food-storage boxes.

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