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A historic black and white photo showing more than two dozen men with wheelbarrows and shovels standing in a road cut through a hill in the forest
In the early 1900s, road construction involved much more manual labor than today. This crew was working on building a road in Giant Forest.

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General Information

Many roads and facilities in the parks were badly damaged during the winter of 2022-2023 by repeated major storms that began with a weather event in early January 2023 and followed by a succession of weather events in March 2023. Damage also occurred outside the parks on roads that provide access to some park areas.

Many repairs were completed during 2023, but some significant repairs and recovery efforts by Tulare County, Caltrans, and the parks will continue in 2024. Access will re-open as work can be successfully completed.

In areas where road work is on-going or there are only temporary repairs, travel slowly and obey reduced speed limits and any traffic management, such as temporary traffic lights or flaggers.

See the Road Conditions page for current road information.

Roads undergoing construction in 2024:


Generals Highway

One site on Generals Highway, between Hospital Rock and Giant Forest Museum, requires extensive drilling and rebuilding in order to complete repairs. In order to complete the work before the peak of the summer season, crews are scheduled to continue working through approximately early-June.

Vehicle traffic between the community of Three Rivers and Giant Forest, including Sherman Tree, will experience some delays of up to 30 minutes on weekdays.


Phase 1 of Construction Was Completed May 12. There Are No More Construction Closures On Generals Highway.


May 13 - June 7* Construction Traffic Delay Schedule (End Date Is Tentative)

Subject to change based on conditions

Day of the Week 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Before 8:00 am and after 6:00 pm
Sunday Short traffic signal delays Short traffic signal delays
Monday - Friday* Up to 30 minute delays Short traffic signal delays
Saturday Short traffic signal delays Short traffic signal delays

*On Memorial Day weekend, from Friday, May 24, through Monday, May 27, there will only be short traffic signal delays.


Highway 180 to Cedar Grove and Roads End

Highway 180 between Hume Lake Road and Roads End was extensively damaged and was closed throughout all of 2023 and early 2024. Caltrans recently completed repairs outside the park, west of Cedar Grove, and reopened that portion of the highway on May 10, 2024.

The park hopes to be able to bring facilities back online and complete repairs in order to reopen Cedar Grove to the public by mid-June.


Mineral King Road

Mineral King Road was damaged both inside and outside the park boundary. Construction outside the park will resume in the fall of 2024. Inside the park, work is estimated to begin in late April at five different sites, but a start date and work schedule are not yet determined. Work on these sites is expected to require eight weeks to complete.

The road typically reopens to public vehicles on Memorial Day weekend. After the Memorial Day weekend, it is expected that there will be 30 minute traffic delays until repairs are complete.


Crystal Cave Road

This road will remain closed for repairs and recovery in 2024.

Last updated: May 12, 2024

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