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A road construction project between the Foothills and the Giant Forest is causing driving delays. Get details on the delays and advice on timing your drive to minimize them. Because of construction, vehicles over 22 feet in length are prohibited on the highway between the foothills and Giant Forest. If you drive a longer vehicle, use the northern entrance at Kings Canyon National Park via Highway 180.

Park rivers are dangerous! Please keep a safe distance from the water's edge. Rocks near the rivers are extremely slippery and the current is strong and cold. If you fall in, it's almost impossible to get out. Creek crossings can be dangerous and water levels vary throughout the day.

Record numbers of vehicles are entering these parks. On a few of the busiest days, cars have waited over an hour at entrance stations. Learn how to minimize your wait, and save time by paying your entrance fee online before you get here.

In Giant Forest, Lodgepole, and Grant Grove, temperatures are comfortable during the day and lows are 40s and 50s. Green, lush meadows are good places to spot wildlife, especially in the morning. Summer shuttles are in operation in Giant Forest and Lodgepole.

This spring, high rivers and heavy rains roughened many trails. Many creeks are still running high and many locations are still very moist. Bring mosquito repellent, check at visitor centers on trail conditions and creek crossings before you hike, and turn back if you reach creek crossings that are dangerous.

A water main broke at Grant Grove's Sunset Campground and there's currently no water there. Crews are wroking to fix the problem. Once the water main is fixed, the water will not be potable for at least a week. Portable toilets are currently in place, and drinking water is available at the nearby Azalea and Crystal Springs campgrounds. If space is available, you may change your reservation from Sunset to Azalea or Crystal Springs on arrival.

In Cedar Grove, the river is roaring. Some trails are muddy or partially covered with water, including trails to Mist Falls and Zumwalt Meadow.

On Highway 180 between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove, a purple-flowered plant called poodle-dog bush is flourishing in areas burned by the Rough Fire. It causes rashes similar to poison oak. Avoid touching it!

In the Foothills, weather is hot and conditions are dry. Stage 2 fire restrictions are in effect, meaning no wood fires will be allowed in foothills campgrounds or picnic areas (the lower elevations in Sequoia National Park).

In Mineral King, marmots are very active and we strongly recommend protecting your vehicle from their chewing. Snow levels vary along trails. Most creek crossings are passable with care, depending on the time of day. Franklin, Sawtooth, and Black Rock and Farewell Gap may be passable, depending on weather, but we recommend having a self-arrest device and boots with good traction.


It's always a good idea to check forecasts before your visit.

Because of the extreme elevation range in these parks, weather conditions vary widely between areas. In summer, the sequoia groves have comfortable temperatures and the foothills are hot and dry. Snow lingers on high-mountain passes well into summer. In fall, some areas close or reduce their hours. Winter brings snow to sequoia groves and rain to the foothills. Be prepared for tire chain requirements. Spring is a great time to hike in the foothills and snow begins to melt at higher elevations.


Tire Chains and Winter Driving

Snow and ice may be on park roads any time from early fall through late spring. It varies from year to year, but it's important to be prepared. Due to constantly changing conditions, please call 559-565-3341 (press 1, 1) for current, 24-hour road status and advisories.

Before you visit, check our winter driving information, which includes a list of locations near park entrances where tire chains can be rented or purchased.

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Campfires may be prohibited when fire danger is extreme.


Last updated: July 26, 2017

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