RLC Internships and Fellowships

A group of young men and women smile at the camera.
The SAMO Youth Program at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area provides paid internships to high school and college students interested in pursuing environmental careers.

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Imagine observing a loon gliding across the water with baby chicks on its back or examining the tiny tube feet of a seastar enjoying the safety of a tidepool.

Research Learning Centers (RLCs) offer paid internships to students interested in science and science-related fields, giving young professionals a chance to participate and conduct science in some of our nation’s most pristine places...our national parks. Internships range in duration and type, but most emphasize research, science communication, or resource education.

Many RLCs also provide fellowship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students seeking educational assistance to conduct their own research. These programs provide seed money and research assistance to accomplish both the objectives of the researcher as well as the goals of the park.

Explore internship and fellowship opportunities at the Research Learning Centers listed below or learn about other science-related internships offered throughout the National Park Service.

RLC Internship & Fellowship Opportunities

The Atlantic Research and Learning Center, located at Cape Cod National Seashore, partners with Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission and Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore to provide the Joshua A. Nickerson Conservation Fellowship. Learn more about Atlantic Research & Learning Center internships!

The Continental Divide Research Learning Center hosts interns who assist in completing essential park projects. The Diversity Internship Cohort was created to provide a personal and professional support system to interns that may otherwise feel they do not have a place in our National Parks. Learn more about Continental Divide internships!

Crater Lake Science and Learning Center offers internships for undergraduate students and annual fellowships in support of undergraduate and graduate research. Learn more about Crater Lake internships!

The Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center offers the Glacier National Park Conservancy–Jerry O’Neal Research Fellowship each year to promote research in Glacier National Park, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Interns for the CCRLC's Citizen Science Program are also hired each year through the Scientists in the Parks Program. Learn more about Crown of the Continent internships!

Internships at the Desert Research Learning Center allow student scientists to gain field experience and complete independent projects to fulfill academic requirements. Learn more about Desert Research Learning Center internships!

The Great Lakes Research and Education Center offers science and science communication internships for students. Check out their list of "star" interns to see the many types of internships they offer. Learn more about Great Lakes Research & Education Center internships!

Murie Science and Learning Center offers grant support for one or two large research projects per year that increase the profile of park sciences and engage the public in new manners. The project can take place in any Alaska national park. Learn more about Murie Science & Learning Center Internships!

Student Conservation Associate media interns majoring in photojournalism at Central Michigan University assist the Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center, and parks throughout the Alaska region, in various media projects. Learn more about Ocean Alaska internships!

The Schoodic Education and Research Center and the Schoodic Institute work together to provide a variety of fellowship and internship opportunities, including research and teacher fellowships and internships in science communication and science research and monitoring. Learn more about Schoodic internships!

The Southern California Research Learning Center works with its parks and partners to provide a variety of internship opportunities. At Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, the SAMO Youth Program provides paid internships to high school and college students interested in pursuing environmental careers. Learn more about Southern California Research Learning Center internships!

Last updated: April 25, 2023