Special Use Permits


Thank you for your interest in having your activity in Redwood National and State Parks.

As a partnership of the National Park Service (NPS) and California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR), we must balance preserving the resources with allowing for a variety of visitor uses. While many types of activities - such as weddings, picnics, endurance rides, marathons, and commercial filming - are allowed in the park, several activities are prohibited.

There are standard conditions for a special use permit. Since each event is unique, the terms in your special permit may vary. All park regulations apply, so be sure to provide as much detail as possible about your event so we can be sure it is covered by your permit.

There may be fees depending on the type, or complexity of the permit you are requesting. Once you have submitted your permit application you will receive an e-mail with payment instructions. Processing of the permit application will not begin until payment is received.

The minumum time to request a pre-approved Special Use Permit that complies with all the requirements is 14 days. Other permits will require a 30-day lead.

When your application is under review we will look at multiple criteria. This includes whether or not there is a meaningful association between the parks and the event, what might be the impacts, and how the activity contributes to visitor understanding of the significance of the park.


Activities That Need A Special Use Permit


First Amendment Activities

Freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly are rights protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulation. People may exercise these rights in national parks, but the National Park Service still retains its responsibility to protect park resources and prevent impacts to park visitors.

A first amendment permit is not required for groups of 25 individuals, or less, conducting first amendment activities in the park’s designated first amendment areas.

There are several different first amendment areas designated in the park. Groups of 25, or more, or groups desiring to reserve designated areas in advance, require a permit. The fee for first amendment permits is waived.

Types of activities not considered first amendment include, but are not limited to:
  • Church picnic or social gathering.
  • Wedding ceremonies or receptions.
  • Political fund raiser or other invitation-only political activity or event.
  • Solicitation of donations.
  • Community parades, athletics, or sporting events.
  • Sale of message bearing clothing, arts and crafts, or similar merchandise.


Commercial Use Authorizations

These are required to do business in the park. Please directly contact the parks' permits coordinator.
(Contact information at the bottom of this page).


Places Where Permits are Not Issued

To protect the park's rescources and to not interfere with the public, Special Use Permits are not issued for the following locations.
  • Lady Bird Johnson Grove (Redwood National Park)
  • Fern Canyon (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park)
  • Stout Grove (Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park)
  • James Irvine Trail (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park)

Restricted Activities

To protect the parks' rescources and to not interfere with other park visitors, there are several activities that will not be permitted. The following is just a partial list.
  • Tree climbing
  • Use of aerial drones
  • Commerial operations without a permit
  • Commercial operations without necesssary insurance
More information on Prohibited Activities

Contact Information

Please understand that we receive many permit requests and that applying early is important. There is no guarantee that every permit application will be approved.

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Last updated: August 4, 2021

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