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Do I Need A Permit?

Yes. Permits are required for activities that benefit an individual, group or organization rather than the public at large. These activities are not “typical” activities of visitors to the parks, which have the potential to impact the park resources or visitors, and/or occur in areas that the public is not generally permitted. So events involving large groups, or organized activities like group horse rides, require a special use permit.


What Areas Are Covered By This Permit?

The four parks included in the partnership that permits are issued through this office are Redwood National Park, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Redwoods State Park, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

For any other parks you will need to contact them directly at either www.nps.gov (National Parks) or www.ca.parks.gov (for California State Parks).


What Do I Need To Fill Out?

You will need to submit these two completed forms, and review the common conditions for equestrian events.

1) Fillable Special Use Permit Application (word document).
2) Fill out a threatened and endangered species addendum (PDF document).

Please provide a detailed description of your event, including any advertising. A map must be included indicating which trails or locations you will be using, and any stations you may be setting up. A website, for your organization or event, if you have one, is great too. The more detail you provide the better. All park regulations apply to special events, unless a specific written exemption is approved and included in the permit, so please be sure to review the section on “common conditions” before submitting your request. When completing the forms, be sure to sign both of them. Also, if a question does not apply to your event, please indicate "none," or "does not apply," or something similar, rather than leaving a blank. The more detail you provide the better... All park regulations apply to special events, unless a specific written exemption is approved and included in the permit, so please be sure to review the section on “common conditions” before submitting your request. It is also important if you are including any "commercial" services (ie, commercial photographer) that you let us know that in your application. These must be addressed during the review and in your permit and exceptions to common conditions are not guaranteed.

You will be required to provide a copy of a Certificate of Insurance for your event. You must have $1 million liability with a $3 million aggregate, issued by a US based company with an A- or better BEST rating. The United States and the State of California must appear as additional insureds. Please include a list of any equipment your will be bringing and the maximum number of entries.

Please provide pictures and descriptions of signs if you plan to post them; include materials and measurements. Signs may not be attached to any made-made or natural feature in the park. Signs may only be posted the day of the event and must be removed in a timely manner.

Please be sure to review the conditions on the website before completing your application; there are important conditions regarding feed, brushing and flagging.


Are there specific times and places where an event may be held?
Are there times and places they cannot be held?

At this time we do not issue special use permits for LBJ Grove, Stout Grove, Fern Canyon, or James Irvine Trail. Permits may be restricted before, during, and after public holidays.


What If I Want A Different Location?

The above locations with approved conditions are the only sites approved for equestrian events. If you prefer a different location, you may submit a request under the tiered permitting process; times and locations are subject to review by park staff for suitability, group size, and impact of park resources and other visitors.


How Much Does A Permit Cost?

Please complete BOTH forms and return them to the permits coordinator with your application fee.

Tier One: 1- 50 people, no unusual requests $200

Tier Two: 51 – 100 people, OR unusual requests $300

Tier Three: 100+ people or highly unusual requests $400

The number of people includes both entries and staffing.

Your application fee must accompany your application. The application fee is non-refundable once we accept your application. We accept credit cards through Pay.gov, please ask the Permit Coordinator for more information on this process.


Are There Other Costs?

Generally, most special use permits will need only the application fee; however, sometimes there are additional cost recovery fees. If your event incurs a cost to the park, you may be asked to pay that up front, or be billed for it afterwards. For example, if an event requires monitoring, rangers are billed at $80/hour/monitor. If excessive trash is left, this is billed at the actual cost of clean-up and disposal. If natural or man-made features are damaged, the permittee is billed for the actual cost of restoration or rehabilitation.


Can I Close The Area Of My Event For Privacy?

All permits are issued on a non-exclusive basis; other visitors to the park may not be excluded from the area of your event.


How Long Does It Take To Process A Request?

Applications must be received NO LESS than 30 days before your event; large or complex events may take longer. You should secure your permit before you begin advertising your event. Applications may not be accepted more than one year prior to the first day of an event.

It is very important that you read through the Common Conditions before submitting your application.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call, or e-mail.

Permit Coordinator
Redwood National and State Parks
707- 465-7307


Last updated: July 12, 2021

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