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Congrats on your upcoming day!

All weddings, elopements, and vow-exchanges require a permit.

Permits are non-exclusive, access to locations for all visitors must be maintained at all times.

Please follow the process below for your specific location.

Application Process


To apply to a State Park location:

  1. Choose a location within Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, or Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
Pre-approved locations:
Other locations within these parks may be selected but availability is subject to review.

  1. Once a location has been selected, please follow the steps listed here to apply: Special Event Permits (

To apply to a National Park location:

  1. Choose a location within Redwood National Park
Pre-approved locations [$100 application fee]:
Other locations can be chosen within Redwood National Park but require a $200 application fee, staff review, and are subject to peak hour blackouts

  1. Fill out the form: Special Use Application
    • Complete applications need to include a specific location, date and time, group size, and number of vehicles
  2. Email to
    • Mailed copies will experience significant delays due to the geographic layout of our park
  3. An email from to pay the application fee will be sent after receiving your application

Additional costs may be charged in the event of:

  • Event monitoring - cost calculated per hour of monitoring per employee salary
  • Resource damage, site cleanup, etc. will be billed according to cost recovery

What is allowed and prohibited in Redwood National Park?

An example list of conditions can be found here.

Time and Date:

  • Permits will be issued for day use hours only
  • Permits are not generally issued around major holidays due to high visitation numbers

Flowers and Decorations:

  • Live or dried natural plant/flower material is prohibited. This includes cut flowers for bouquets and potted plants. Live plant materials may contain insects or unwanted pests that could be introduced into the park. Silk, wood, or paper flowers are allowed
  • The releasing of doves, butterflies, balloons, or other types of items is prohibited
  • The throwing of birdseed, rice, flower petals, confetti, or other items is prohibited.
  • Feeding wildlife is prohibited (36 CFR 2.2(a)(2)).
  • The use of arbors, arches, stands, risers, or other similar props is prohibited
  • The attaching of ribbons, flowers, balloons or signs to vegetation, rocks, or existing NPS signs within the park is prohibited
  • The placement of signs or other event notifications along roads or on signs is prohibited
  • Food service and alcohol are not permitted


  • Photographers and videographers are not required to obtain additional permits as long as they are providing a service to your wedding in Redwood National Park. Any commercial vendors should be listed as support personnel on your application.
  • The use of drones is not permitted


  • The use of music under 60 dB may be permitted - please include any music on your application

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Photo: David Walker


Last updated: June 4, 2024

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