2016 Artists-in-Residence

JANUARY: Matt Tucker, Photography

FEBRUARY: Glenn Renell, Painting

MARCH: Cate Erbaugh, Custom Clay Tiles

APRIL: Sue King, Textiles

MAY: Frank J. Kraljic, Photography

JUNE: Jym Davis, Sculpture

JUNE: Lisa Ward, Alison Cole, Phone Call to Past Epochs

JULY: Kah-Wai Lin, Photography

AUGUST: Jessica Creane, Performing

SEPTEMBER: Joyce Heuman, Painting

OCTOBER: Tina Holley, Watercolor

OCTOBER: Gloria Giffords, Cezanne Waid, Painting/Poet

NOVEMBER: Amanda Palmer, Woodblock Printing

NOVEMBER: Rebecca Mezoff, Tapestry Weaving

DECEMBER: Anneliese Vobis, Process-oriented Felt Studies

Last updated: April 6, 2016

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