National Parks
The American Experience
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Prologue: The Heritage of Achievement and Indifference

1. Catalysts: Nationalism, Art, and the American West

2. Monumentalism Reaffirmed: The Yellowstone

3. Worthless Lands

4. New Parks, Enduring Perspectives

5. See America First

6. Complete Conservation

7. Ecology Denied

8. Schemers and Standard Bearers

9. Familiar Themes, Traditional Battles, and a New Seriousness

10. Management in Transition

11. Ideals and Controversies of Expansion

12. Decision in Alaska

Epilogue. National Parks for the Future: Encirclement and Uncertainty


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Frontispiece. Teton Mountains and Snake River.

I. Monumentalism.

Yosemite Valley; Niagara Falls; Harpers Ferry; Grand Canyon; Devils Tower; Mount McKinley; Glacier; Lower Falls of the Yellowstone; Mount Rainier; Olympic; Kansas prairie

II. Railroads and the National Parks.

Tourists in Yellowstone; Stephen T. Mather; Waitresses at Glacier; Gardiner, Montana, entrance to Yellowstone; Santa Fe Railway advertisement for Grand Canyon; Mount Stanton; Union Pacific Railroad advertisement for Bryce Canyon; Temple of Osiris, Bryce Canyon; lobby of Glacier Park Lodge; Glacier Park Lodge; Horseless carriage at Glacier Point, Yosemite

III. Catering to Tourists.

Camper and bison at Wind Cave; Theodore Roosevelt at Wawona Tunnel Tree, Yosemite; Automobile at Wawona Tunnel Tree; Touring cars in Glacier; Touring car at Old Faithful Inn; Going-to-the-Sun Highway; Dedication of Going-to-the-Sun Highway; West Yellowstone, Montana; Deer begging in Yellowstone; Auto log, Sequoia; Snowmobilists at Old Faithful; Easter sunrise service, Yosemite; Skating at Yosemite Winterclub; Removing debris from Blue Star Spring, Yellowstone; Bear Show, Yellowstone

IV. Preserving the Environment.

Everglades; Everglades Jetport; Hetch Hetchy Valley, Yosemite; Hetch Hetchy Valley, after being flooded; Crater Lake; Death Valley; Strip mine in Death Valley; Huggins Hell, Great Smokies; Tulip-Poplar tree, Great Smokies; Horace M. Albright; Removing debris at Jackson Lake; Logging near Redwood National Park; Shenandoah; Isle Royale

V. National Park Expansion and Ecology.

Arrigetch Peaks, Alaska; Ruth Glacier, Alaska; Cape Cod; Point Reyes, California; Great Pond, Cape Cod; St. Croix River; Marin Headlands, San Francisco; Bird watching, Gateway National Recreation Area; Abandoned high rise and car, Breezy Point; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Prescribed burn, Sequoia National Park; James Watt; Watt political cartoon


1. Primary Natural Units of the National Park System.

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