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The Sunday finery of these tourists, visiting a thermal basin in Yellowstone at the turn of the century, confirms the view of Yellowstone's first explorers, who saw the region as a future "resort" rather than a wilderness preserve. E. B. Thompson Negative Collection, courtesy of the National Park Service

Stephen Mather
Stephen T. Mather, first director of the National Park Service, was instrumental in furthering a "pragmatic alliance" between the western railroads and the Park Service. The North Coast Limited was a premier passenger train of the Northern Pacific Railroad, which was one of five major lines serving Yellowstone National Park. Courtesy of the National Archives

waitresses at Glacier National Park
Mark R. Daniels, while superintendent of national parks in 1915, said that Americans who spent from fifty to one hundred million dollars annually to visit the Alps "are taking this money out of the United States to spend it in foreign lands upon a commodity that is inferior to the home product." As part of the "See America First" campaign, these waitresses at Glacier National Park in 1933 recreated Switzerland in the American wilderness. George A. Grant Collection, courtesy of the National Park Service


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