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A California camper, facing the perils of the roadside to shoot a bison in Wind Cave National Park, illustrates the impact of the automobile upon the way modern American tourists see the national parks. Courtesy of the National Park Service

Before being toppled by heavy snowfall in the winter of 1969, the Wawona Tunnel Tree, in the Mariposa Tree, in the Mariposa Redwood Grove of Yosemite National Park, was the scene of countless snapshots, publicity stunts, and gags, usually involving cars. Above, a carriage carrying President Theodore Roosevelt (standing tallest in the carriage) and John Muir (party hidden, second from left) visits the landmark in May 1903. Courtesy of the National Park Service (top) and the National Archives (bottom)

touring cars, Glacier NP
These touring cars of the 1920s, east of St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, were the precursors of the modern air-conditioned tour buses operated by park concessionaires. Hileman photograph, courtesy of the National Archives


National Parks: The American Experience
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