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In DC area national parks. entrance and other fee dollars are used to improve the visitor experience.

Our offices

The National Capital Regional Office supports Washington, DC, area national parks under the leadership of the regional director. The regional director manages park superintendents as well as a staff of associate directors. Each directorate supports the region's parks in the fulfillment of the National Park Service's mission.

The regional director represents the National Capital Region to the director of the National Park Service, manages park superintendents and directorate staff, ensures compliance with laws and policies, and provides parks and programs with strategic resources to achieve the agency's mission. Contact Office of the Regional Director
Our team implements programs and initiatives, and provides guidance to parks to establish and grow strong partnerships and community relations.

The Communications team supports park and program public affairs, media, and digital communications strategy and messaging. Contact NCR Communications.

The office oversees Friends Groups and Park Partnerships, Youth Programs, Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA), Healthy Parks Healthy People, Urban Initiatives, and the Centennial Program. Contact Partnerships, Youth, and Community Engagement.
Provides infrastructure support to the region.

Lands and Planning is responsible for land acquisition, leasing, park planning, environmental compliance, and GIS. The directorate is also responsible for congressional and intergovernmental relations, and manages the development of new memorials in Washington, DC.

Contact Lands and Planning.
The Office of Operations provides policy and program guidance, manages project funds and agreements, and implements servicewide programs and initiatives. Among its duties, the office oversees emergency services, commercial services, fee management, safety and health, and infrastructure.
The Office of Resource Stewardship and Science manages and oversees the development of resource management programs through collaboration and coordination of professional staff, scientific and scholarly research, and by providing technical assistance and analysis and evaluation on a comprehensive range of resource management programs and issues including biology, ecology, archeology, history, and preservation. The Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit fosters strong regional relations with academia. Contact Resource Stewardship and Science.
The division of Workforce and Technology includes the functions of Acquisition, Budget and Finance, Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Resources, Information Technology, Inspections and Evaluations, Office Services and Property/Fleet Management. Services include advising managers and field staff and interpreting laws, regulations, and policies. The administrative staff supports the parks within the National Capital Region as well as staff working in the regional office. Contact NCR Workforce and Technology.

Last updated: January 3, 2024