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PartnershipsJon Jarvis with Ruth Coleman, Director of California State Parks and Ruskin Hartley, Executive Director of Save the Redwoods League at ceremony recognizing acceptance of Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant for acquisition of land to be added to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
Welcome to the NPS Partnerships Web Site

Increasingly partnerships are essential and effective means for the National Park Service to fulfill parts of our mission and foster a shared sense of stewardship that is so crucial for our future.

National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis was recently interviewed about NPS partnerships:

    Question: How significant have partnerships been to establishing the National Park System since 1916?

    “Our founder and first Director Steven Mather could never have achieved this extraordinary accomplishment without partners such as the railroads which helped promote the park idea.”

    Question: How essential are partnership skills in today's NPS workforce?

    “Partnership skills are a core competency. Our employees must be able to find and welcome partners, to reach common ground and leverage each other’s skills and resources.”

    Question: How do you rank a successful partnership track record in selecting park superintendents?

    “At the top of my list. Superintendents who approach each partner with the spirit of opportunity and a willing cooperation are the best of the best.”

    Question: What can NPS realize through partnerships?

    “Sustainability. Connections. Commitment. The results are truly greater than the sum of the parts. Neither the partner nor the NPS can achieve such results alone.”

    Question: What are the most essential ingredients to ensure successful NPS partnerships?

    “That the NPS goes to the table with something to offer rather than to take. That we are willing to share the risk and that we will work equally hard through the rough patches.”

Our partners have a deep appreciation for and a sense of commitment to the NPS mission, values, resources and people. Working through partnerships is a sound investment for both the near and long term. We need to invest wisely.

A look across the nation shows that good partnering is both a skill and an art. NPS continues to cultivate these skills and talents, and in particular the How to section, is intended to serve as fertile ground for strong partnerships across the National Park Service.

NPS has shifted from a position of trying to do everything ourselves to one of empowering others through partnerships to help us do more. As Brian O'Neill, former Superintendent of Golden Gate National Recreation Area pointed out, "Every time we do it ourselves, we miss out on an opportunity for community engagement.”

The Partnership web site is your portal to a wealth of material and resources to help you more effectively broker and manage successful partnerships. It is intended to serve both NPS employees and our partners as a one-stop place to inform and enhance your partnering experience. There are five major sections:

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NOTE: This web site is under development. Items in pale gray represent sections where content will be added. As sections are completed, the pale gray items will become links.

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