Nature Creations: Roaming with the Mammoths

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6 minutes, 48 seconds

Discover the large mammals that roamed the Niobrara River Valley in the Cenozoic Era! You will need one milk jug per kid for this activity and might want help from an adult for this craft.

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A milk jug cut in half and colored brown with paper tusks and eyes drawn on.
One milk-jug mammoth.

NPS Photo

Making Milk-Jug Mammoths:

  • Plastic Milk Jug (half-gallon or full-gallon size)
  • Scissors or Exact-O-Knife (Ask a parent for help!)
  • Brown and Black Markers
  • White Paper
  • Optional:
    • Other colors
    • Yarn
    • Glue Stick
    • Googley-eyes
An empty half-gallon milk-jug with lines drawn on it.
Milk-jug template.

NPS Photo


  1. Rinse out your milk-jug and let it dry.
  2. Use a marker to draw a line 4-5 inches below the top of the milk-jug.
  3. Draw a line on the handle of the milk-jug shorter than the body line for the mammoth's trunk.
  4. Draw lines for the leg holes on both sides of the body.
  5. Draw lines for the tusks beside the trunk.
  6. Draw a line up the back of the mammoth to split the back legs.
  7. Draw a small "V" at the top of the back legs for the tail.
  8. Ask a parent to help you use a scissors or exact-o-knife to cut out all of the lines.
  9. Cut two skinny strips of white paper for the tusks.
  10. Curl the tusk papers around a marker and insert them into the tusk slots.
  11. Color your mammoth brown, or black, or any color you like!
  12. Color eyes onto the mammoth or attach googley-eyes.
  13. Make more mammoths for your herd!

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