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Muir Woods lies in the middle of the redwood's latitudinal range that spans from the California/Oregon border to Big Sur, just south of Monterey. The weather is mild throughout the year, but summer is the busiest time to visit Muir Woods.

The incredible diversity of flora and fauna at Muir Woods can be daunting some times, elusive at other times. The redwoods themselves dominate the scene, but the humble Steller's jay, ladybugs, ancient horsetail ferns, and the banana slug hold their own beneath the canopy. Plants adapt to low light levels on the forest floor, while whole plant and animal communities bustle in the canopy above our heads.


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In May 1945, Muir Woods was host to a very special international event. United Nations delegates meeting in San Francisco traveled to Muir Woods to honor the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a special memorial in a grove of redwood trees.


Find out more about the flora and fauna commonly found in Muir Woods. Learn about habitat restoration and management, climate change, the unique nature and science found in the San Francisco Bay Area National Parks, and how to keep our wildlife wild.


Muir Woods National Monument offers the perfect outdoor classroom to engage students in inquiry science. Please visit our education team's website for complete information on education programs at Muir Woods and other areas of Golden Gate national parks.

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Create lasting memories as you and your family solve the rhyming riddles of this free activity to learn some of the secrets of the Woods known by rangers, and now you!

Last updated: December 5, 2019

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