Fees & Passes

All park grounds and facilities at Morristown National Historical Park are FREE of charge.

The park also issues three Interagency passes that may be used to waive fees at other federal parks and facilities. These passes are the:

  • Access Pass
  • Military Pass
  • 4th Grade Pass.
All three passes are available at the Jockey Hollow Visitor Center as well as the Washington's Headquarters Museum in Morristown. They are FREE of charge to those qualified.
2021 Interagency Access Pass
The 2021 Interagency Access Pass

Photo on the pass by Steven Koehler, Yellowstone National Park

Interagency Access Pass

  • A lifetime pass for citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. who have a permanent disability, regardless of age.
  • NOTE: You must present documentation of permanent disability or sign an affadavit swearing to the same, as well as proof of residency or citizenship, such as but not limited to a driver's license, in order to receive this pass. Please check the USGS Store FAQ for more information on acceptable documentation and other requirements.
  • Valid for entrance fees, standard amenity, and day fees for the passholder and three others at National Parks and five other federal land management agencies.
  • This pass also discounts certain expanded amenity fees; please check with the park or facility you plan to visit for more details on any discounts honored.
Interagency Annual Military Pass
The 2021 Interagency Annual Military Pass

Photo on the pass by Sam Jezak, 2019 Share the Experience Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

Interagency Annual Military Pass

  • Active duty military members and their dependents, as well as veterans and Gold Star families, qualify for a FREE Annual Pass.
  • NOTE: You must present proof of service, such as a DoD CAC card, or other documentation, such as a valid DD Form 1173 for dependents. For more information, check the USGS store FAQ for the Military Pass. Veterans and Gold Star families should also review the FAQ on the NPS website, for details on their qualifications.
  • Gold Star families must also print and present a voucher, found on the Gold Star Family Voucher page, when claiming their Annual Military Pass. You MUST have the voucher with you when claiming the pass, so be sure to print it.
  • This is an annual pass valid for 12 months, inclusive of the month of purchase.
  • Valid for entrance fees, standard amenity fees, and day use fees at National Parks and five other federal land management agencies.
The 2021 4th Grade Pass
The 2021 4th Grade Pass

Photo on the pass by Carlo Godoy, Channel Islands National Park, California

Every Kid Outdoors 4th Grade Pass

  • As part of the Every Kid Outdoors program, 4th grade students in the U.S. bearing this FREE pass will cover entrance and standard amenity fees for up to three individuals in their group who would otherwise incur those fees.
  • NOTE: The 4th grade student is considered the passholder and must be present for this pass to be effective. Home-schooled and free choice learners 10 years of age are also considered eligible for this pass.
  • 4th grade students must present a valid voucher printed from the Every Kid Outdoors website to be exchanged for the pass. The voucher and required activity can be found on Every Kid Outdoors.
  • Only 4th grade students with a printed voucher from the Every Kid Outdoors website are eligible for this pass. Students may not receive a pass without a valid voucher. Smartphone images and other virtual vouchers will not be accepted.
  • This pass is valid for 12 months beginning September of the year that the student begins 4th grade and expires the last day of August.
  • Valid for entrance fees and standard amenity fees at National Parks and five other federal land management agencies.

Other Passes & Online Orders

Morristown National Historical Park does not offer the Annual Pass, the Senior Annual Pass, or the Senior Lifetime Pass. These passes are still available at other parks and federal facilities. For more information on where to find these passes, please visit the Places to Get Interagency Passes webpage.

You may also order all available passes online at the USGS online store. Please note that there is a fee charged for passes ordered through the online store for processing, including the Free passes listed above, and you will need to wait for the passes to be shipped to you. Depending on demand, wait times may extend for weeks.

Last updated: August 31, 2022

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