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National Maritime Heritage Grants: 2014 Recipients


In the 2014 grant cycle, 35 grants in 21 states, totaling $2,607,025, were awarded under the first round of the re-established Maritime Heritage Grants Program. Successful applicants include state and tribal governments as well as private non-profit organizations. The projects funded include maritime education and information access projects; exhibit and heritage trail development; preservation of ships, lighthouses, and other maritime properties; and survey and conservation of underwater archeological resources. The projects that received funding are listed by state below.

The list of grant recipients from 1998 is also available.


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The Traditional Tlingit and Haida Halibut Hook Project

  • Recipient: Sealaska Heritage Institute
  • Amount: $39,496
  • Project: The Tlingit and Haida Hook project will document this unique indigenous fishing technology with a sourcebook, train artists in associated carving techniques, and present examples to the public.



Pigeon Point Lighthouse Rehabilitation Project

  • Recipient: California State Parks Foundation
  • Amount: $73,436
  • Project: Rehabilitation of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse's windows and doors.

Replacement of the Sailing Ship Star of India's Weather Decks

  • Recipient: Maritime Museum Association of San Diego
  • Amount: $192,794
  • Project: The project will replace the weather decks of the Star of India, a National Historic Landmark and one of the world's oldest active sailing ships.

USS Pampanito World War II Submarine Preservation Project

  • Recipient: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
  • Amount: $192,754
  • Project: The USS Pampanito, a World War II submarine, will undergo drydocking and other maintenance and repairs to preserve the submarine in her 1945 configuration.



Restoration of the 1908 Steamboat Sabino

  • Recipient: Mystic Seaport Museum
  • Amount: $199,806
  • Project: This project will restore the 1908 steamboat Sabino, one of two surviving excursion steamers in the US and the only one on the East Coast.



Indian River Life-Saving Station's Guardians of the Sea

  • Recipient: Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation
  • Amount: $25,119.14
  • Project: The Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation will restore essential artifacts from the Indian River Life-Saving Station (including the surfmen's piano and the flag-hoisting tower) and build a replica beach apparatus cart.



Diving With a Purpose (DWP) Maritime Archaeology Educational Field Program

  • Recipient: Diving With a Purpose
  • Amount: $46,536
  • Project: Funding will be provided for field schools (operating in conjunction with NOAA and NPS) to train students as recreational SCUBA divers in maritime archaeology, with a focus on minorities.

Pensacola Maritime Heritage Trail

  • Recipient: University of West Florida Historic Trust
  • Amount: $25,960
  • Project: The "Pensacola Maritime Heritage Trail" will run along Main Street/Bayfront Parkway. Interpretive panels will highlight the importance of the waterfront to the history of Pensacola from the pre-Columbian era through the Spanish and British Colonial periods, and into the modern era.



Georgia's Rich Maritime Cultural Heritage: Generational Commercial Fishing Families

  • Recipient: University of Georgia Marine Extension Service
  • Amount: $41,837
  • Project: This project will produce a documentary detailing the maritime cultural history of commercial fishing along Georgia?s productive coast, from its initial boom in the 1950s to its eventual decline in the 1970s and 1980s, through to its current prospects for recovery.



Papahana Hoolauna Public Outreach Project

  • Recipient: Kānehūnāmoku Voyaging Academy
  • Amount: $45,899
  • Project: This project, teaching traditional Hawai'ian navigation techniques, is designed to meet the increasing demand for services from schools and organizations that fall outside the regular purview of current funding sources which mainly target Native Hawaiian populations, and to open services up to the greater Hawaii state population and others who may visit Hawaii.



National Fisherman: Documenting a Sea Change

  • Recipient: Penobscot Marine Museum
  • Amount: $40,784
  • Project: The project will digitize, re-house, and catalogue the museum's twentieth-century image collection, allowing it to be published in the museum's online collection database.

Wood Island Life Saving Station, Kittery Point, Maine: Rehabilitation

  • Recipient: Wood Island Life Saving Station Association
  • Amount: $200,000
  • Project: Funding will allow the Wood Island Life Saving Station Association to undertake critical repairs to the station, ensuring its survival and making it safe for the public to visit.



USS Constellation Spar, Fighting Top, and Rigging Rehabilitation

  • Recipient: Living Classrooms Foundation
  • Amount: $89,596.50
  • Project: This project will repair and preserve the spars, fighting tops, and running rigging of USS Constellation in order to maintain her historic appearance in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.



Conservation of the Purrington-Russell Panorama for Exhibition and Educational Programming

  • Recipient: Old Dartmouth Historical Society/New Bedford Whaling Museum
  • Amount: $49,845.25
  • Project: The New Bedford Whaling Museum will conserve, digitize, and make broadly accessible the 1848 "Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage Round the World," a maritime artwork depicting a nineteenth-century American whaling voyage.

An Educational Platform for America's Oldest Marine Railway

  • Recipient: Maritime Gloucester
  • Amount: $50,000
  • Project: This project will construct a viewing platform around part of the US's oldest continually operating marine railway, allowing visitors, students, and apprentices to view restoration work on vessels on the railway.

Lowell's Boat Shop Educational Outreach: Innovative Learning on the River

  • Recipient: Lowell's Boat Shop
  • Amount: $35,330
  • Project: The project will provide a formalized apprenticeship experience that allows students to cultivate traditional woodworking, artistic, and team building skills.

USS Constitution: From Forest to Frigate

  • Recipient: USS Constitution Museum
  • Amount: $50,000
  • Project: The museum is creating a multi-media experience to welcome and introduce audiences to the history and significance of the USS Constitution, plus the repair process underway on board the ship.


New York

American Lighthouse History Multimedia Educational Experience

  • Recipient: National Lighthouse Museum
  • Amount: $42,150
  • Project: The museum will produce a new video about lighthouses and the history of the nationally landmarked site at which the museum is based, complemented by an interactive lighthouse database accessible by museum visitors.

Fireboat Fire Fighter Preservation Project

  • Recipient: Fireboat Fire Fighter Museum
  • Amount: $80,875
  • Project: This project is an effort to preserve the hull area of the Fireboat Fire Fighter, a decommissioned FDNY Marine 9 vessel and National Historic Landmark, now serving as a floating museum in Greenport, NY.

Freeport Waters

  • Recipient: Long Island Traditions
  • Amount: $40,000
  • Project: Long Island Traditions will produce a 6-day elementary school program, an outdoor exhibit, a series of boat tours, and demonstrations of traditional maritime crafts that showcase the maritime history, traditions, and architecture of Freeport and Nassau County, NY.

USS Growler Submarine Preservation Project

  • Recipient: Intrepid Museum Foundation
  • Amount: $117,278
  • Project: The grant will provide funds needed to complete a project that will ensure the long-term preservation of the former USS Growler, the only nuclear missile submarine open to the public in the US, at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.


North Carolina

Battleship North Carolina Emergency Hull Restoration

  • Recipient: Battleship North Carolina Commission
  • Amount: $200,000
  • Project: The Battleship North Carolina Commission will make critical repairs to the ship's hull for permanent structural security.

Port Light: Tracing Historical Connections / Outer Banks to Mainland

  • Recipient: Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center
  • Amount: $46,036.50
  • Project: The Port Light project will trace connections between North Carolina Outer Banks communities and mainland ports when boats were the primary mode of transportation, through use of an online map showing maritime transportation trails.



Discovery and Excavation of the Steamboat Heroine: Exhibit & Curriculum Unit

  • Recipient: Oklahoma Historical Society
  • Amount: $25,000
  • Project: The Oklahoma Historical Society will develop an exhibit and education program on western steamboat travel and the history, discovery, and excavation of a western river steamboat.



Cradles and Cantilevered Shelving for the Museum's Boat Collection

  • Recipient: Columbia River Maritime Museum
  • Amount: $33,549
  • Project: Grant funds will be use to purchase cantilevered racks and moveable cradles for boats up to 50 feet in length as part of the conversion of a recently purchased former retail hardware store and lumber warehouse into a state-of-the-art collections storage facility.

Grand Ronde Canoe Culture, Waterways, Travel, and Trade

  • Recipient: Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
  • Amount: $36,876
  • Project: The Grand Ronde Tribe will research, plan, develop, and construct interpretive displays about canoe making and the cultural and ethnographic use of tribal canoes within tribal territories on the Northwest Coast.



Critical Projects for the Continued Preservation of USS Olympia

  • Recipient: Independence Seaport Museum
  • Amount: $169,850
  • Project: Grant funds will be used to support a series of preservation and rehabilitation projects aboard the Cruiser Olympia.


South Carolina

Giving History Life: The USS Yorktown Interactive Engine Room Experience

  • Recipient: USS Yorktown Foundation
  • Amount: $26,228
  • Project: The project will implement state-of-the-art technology and interactive educational features to provide insight into the shipboard life of the engineering crew, the technical functions of the engine machinery, and the overall understanding of the atmosphere aboard a historic vessel.



Audio Tours to Enhance Visitor Experience on board Battleship Texas

  • Recipient: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Amount: $49,454.98
  • Project: The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will hire contractors to produce audio tours of the Battleship Texas for youths and adults, in both English and Spanish.



Lake Champlain Steamboat Winooski Archaeological Investigation

  • Recipient: Institute of Nautical Archaeology
  • Amount: $26,953.50
  • Project: The project will document and assess the hull of Winooski, an 1832 steamboat that wrecked and is located near the Shelburne Shipyard on the Vermont shore of Lake Champlain.



USS Monitor Artifact Conservation and Outreach Project

  • Recipient: Mariners' Museum
  • Amount: $99,900
  • Project: The Mariners' Museum will acquire a specialized dry ice abrasion system to clean the Monitor's large wrought iron artifacts, including the ship's 120-ton revolving gun turret, engine components, and structural elements such as armor plating.



Free Public Rides on Historic Small Craft

  • Recipient: Center for Wooden Boats
  • Amount: $28,000
  • Project: Grant funds will allow volunteer skippers to take the public out in historic sailboats, a wood-powered steam boat, an electric launch, and paddled skin-on-frame boats called Umiaks.

Preservation of the National Historic Landmark 1889 Tugboat Arthur Foss

  • Recipient: Northwest Seaport
  • Amount: $87,000
  • Project: This project will drydock the Arthur Foss to complete basic maintenance and repair needed since the last haulout in 2007 and complete actions critical to the preservation of the ship.



Lock and Load: Great Lakes Canallers and the Grain Trade

  • Recipient: Wisconsin Historical Society
  • Amount: $48,698
  • Project: The project will document and evaluate for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places the last undocumented canaller in Wisconsin waters.

Processing and Conservation of Fraser Shipyards Collection Technical Drawings

  • Recipient: University of Wisconsin-Superior
  • Amount: $49,984
  • Project: Funds will allow for the scanning of and creation of proper storage for large drawings and 35mm negatives that document the technological advances achieved at Fraser Shipyards, a major Great Lakes shipyard.