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National Maritime Heritage Grants: 1998 Recipients


In the 1998 grant cycle, 39 grants totaling $652,616 were awarded under the inaugural round of the Maritime Heritage Grants Program. The projects funded included maritime education and information access projects; exhibit and heritage trail development; preservation of ships, lighthouses, and other maritime properties; and survey and conservation of underwater archeological resources. The projects that received funding are listed by state below.


California | Connecticut | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Iowa | Kentucky
Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | New York
North Carolina | Ohio | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Texas | Virginia | Washington



Curatorial Project—U.S.S. Hornet Museum

  • Recipient: U.S.S. Hornet Museum
  • Amount: $11,250

The Historic Ship Balclutha: Quarter Deck Preservation Project

  • Recipient: National Maritime Museum Association
  • Amount: $15,000

Point Sur Lighthouse's Lantern Room and Upper Gallery Preservation

  • Recipient: Central Coast Lightkeepers Association (CCLK)
  • Amount: $25,000

Rehabilitation of Pilot, a Diego Harbor Pilot Boat 1914-1996

  • Recipient: Maritime Museum Association of San Diego
  • Amount: $14,000



Connecticut Customs Districts Records 1789-1939: A Preservation and Access Project

  • Recipient: Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.
  • Amount: $24,400


District of Columbia

Naval Historical Foundation Reconciliation Project: A Proposal to Gain Public Access to Historic Nautical Documents, Photographs, and Artifacts

  • Recipient: Naval Historical Foundation
  • Amount: $25,000



Commercial Fishing through the Centuries: Florida's Maritime Heritage

  • Recipient: Cortez Village Historical Society
  • Amount: $5,000



Relocation of the C.S.S. Jackson and C.S.S. Chattahoochee

  • Recipient: Woodruff Museum of Civil War Naval History
  • Amount: $12,500



Boatbuilding on the Mississippi: An Interactive Exhibit

  • Recipient: Mississippi River Museum
  • Amount: $25,500



Preservation of the Mayor Andrew Broaddus, the Last Remaining U.S. Coast Guard Inland Lifesaving Station

  • Recipient: Belle of Louisville Operating Board
  • Amount: $43,000



Travelling Exhibit of Ten Distinct Pirogue Types From South Louisiana

  • Recipient: Center for Traditional Loiusiana Boat Building
  • Amount: $9,000



Preservation of Historic Hancock Warehouse and Marshall Store

  • Recipient: Old York Historical Society
  • Amount: $4,100

Preservation of the Portland Observatory

  • Recipient: City of Portland
  • Amount: $25,000

Watercraft Education Project: One Hundred Years of Boating on Maine's Lakes, Shores, and Rivers

  • Recipient: Penobscot Marine Museum
  • Amount: $49,816



Constellation Restoration Effort

  • Recipient: Constellation Foundation, Inc.

Research, Plan, and Design an Exhibition Master Plan for a Waterfront Maritime Center

  • Recipient: Maryland Historical Society
  • Amount: $10,000



"All Hands On Deck" Educator Outreach Project

  • Recipient: U.S.S. Constitution Museum
  • Amount: $25,000

Deck Replacement aboard U.S.S. Massachusetts

  • Recipient: U.S.S. Massachusetts Memorial Committee, Inc.
  • Amount: $21,500

Outfit Rehabilitation of the Diesel-Electric Tug Luna

  • Recipient: Luna Preservation Society, Inc.
  • Amount: $12,500

Preserving the Engineering Plant of the Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat 36500

  • Recipient: Orleans Historical Society, Inc.
  • Amount: $10,000



The Age of Great Lakes Schooners: Life along the Manitou Passage

  • Recipient: Inland Seas Education Association
  • Amount: $4,000


New York

Diving Historical Sites in New York Brochure

  • Recipient: New York State Divers Association
  • Amount: $3,100

Documentation Report on the Erie Canal "Flight of Five" Locks

  • Recipient: Niagara County Department of Planning, Development, and Tourism
  • Amount: $2,500

The Hudson Waterfront Museum Maritime Education Program

  • Recipient: The Hudson Waterfront Museum
  • Amount: $7,000

Interpretive Seawall Panels

  • Recipient: The Conservancy for Historic Battery Park
  • Amount: $11,350

Steam Launch Osprey Restoration

  • Recipient: Adirondack Museum
  • Amount: $10,000

Storm Warriors, the Story of the U.S. Life Saving Service

  • Recipient: Local Television, Inc. (LTV)
  • Amount: $20,750

World Port, New York: An Electronic Curriculum

  • Recipient: South Street Seaport Museum
  • Amount: $7,500


North Carolina

Maritime Heritage Public Education Programming on North Carolina Piracy

  • Recipient: Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum
  • Amount: $25,000

Preservation of the Roanoke River Lighthouse

  • Recipient: Edenton Historical Commission
  • Amount: $15,000

Restoration of 1874 Chicamacomico Life Saving Life Station

  • Recipient: Chicamacomico Historical Association
  • Amount: $10,000



Vessels of the Great Lakes: Image Database Project

  • Recipient: Historical Collections of the Great Lakes, Bowling Green State University
  • Amount: $24,850



Protective Measures for the Cruiser Olympia: Waterproofing, Moorings/Access, Electrical Upgrades, Asbestos Abatement

  • Recipient: Independence Seaport Museum
  • Amount: $14,000


Rhode Island

Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project—1999 Field Work

  • Recipient: Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP)
  • Amount: $26,000



The LaSalle Shipwreck Conservation Project

  • Recipient: Conservation Research Laboratory, Nautical Archaeology Program
  • Amount: $10,000



Expanding Access to the Eldridge Collection: Steam Navigation in America

  • Recipient: The Mariners' Museum
  • Amount: $15,000

Preservation of Historic 1895 Cape Charles Lighthouse Keepers Quarters

  • Recipient: The Nature Conservancy's Virginia Coast Reserve
  • Amount: $25,000



Steamer Virginia V Restoration Project: Restoration of the Main Superstructure

  • Recipient: Steamer Virginia V Foundation
  • Amount: $15,000

West End Shipwreck Education Project

  • Recipient: Clallum County Historical Society
  • Amount: $4,000

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