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Forms for National Maritime Heritage Grant Recipients


General Information

Funds for National Maritime Heritage Grants will be disbursed directly to State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) and other eligible organizations identified in the National Maritime Heritage Act. The National Park Service will sign a prime grant agreement with the SHPO for grants in each SHPO’s state. SHPOs will design and execute subgrant programs to award project funds. The documents and forms below are provided for your use or guidance throughout the grant period.

If you have trouble accessing them please contact us at maritime_grants@nps.gov.


Helpful Information


Contracting and Procurement Information

These documents are to assist you in record keeping, and should be retained in case of audit or when required by the SHPO for its semi-annual reporting to the NPS on subgrant progress:


Grant Project Publicity and Program Acknowledgement

Grant projects will be required to acknowledge assistance from the National Park Service and carry a disclaimer when publicizing the project and its results. The following documents should be used to assist you in these circumstances:


Periodic progress reports and a final report on the project must be submitted to NPS. Grantees will use GrantSolutions to provide progress reports and a separate online database to report on subgrants.