When you think about geology, you may picture mountain chains, rugged coastlines and rock layered plateaus, canyons, and cliffsides. While geology often shows us wonders on earth’s surface, it would be incomplete without thinking about the world beneath us, where rock beds have formed for over hundreds of millions of years. Caves like Mammoth Cave let us explore this ancient world by allowing us to walk through the rock layers and see the earth’s formation up close.

Learn about caves, their geology, and how scientists study the world beneath your feet by visiting the pages within this section.

A park ranger standing in the middle of a large cave room with broken rocks all along the floor.
How Mammoth Cave Formed

Towering passageways, mountainous heaps of fallen rock, and a maze-like sprawl.

A large rock feature inside a cave passage.
Rocks of Mammoth Cave

Types of rock found at Mammoth Cave.

Cave formations in the shape of jellyfish
Stalactites, Stalagmites, and Formations

Strange and one-of-a-kind formations.

A sinkhole filled with blue green water.
Karst Topography

Sinkholes, sinking streams, caves and more!

A fossil in a rock wall inside the cave.

Life before the cave.



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