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A group of children stand below a sign that says Lake Roosevelt NRA Junior Ranger Park Protector Activities.

What is a Junior Ranger?

Junior Rangers help park rangers take care of National Parks. They learn about Lake Roosevelt, have fun, and help their friends and families understand how to help protect the parks as well.

Who can be a Junior Ranger?

Anyone! And you can learn about the park anywhere - at your campsite, on the road, or in your own living room. (please, not while driving, thank you) Spend an hour on the lake and enroll in fish school, paddle the watery trails of ancient explorers, find your way through the darkness using stars, and please don't touch the lava! You can write a play, create podcasts, draw a treasure map, or even take a hike!

To earn your badge: OR
  • Complete any three of the activity pages below and show us. You can email a picture, send us a video or a sound recording, or even snail mail us and we'll send you your patch. We love to see the beautiful and creative ways that Junior Rangers use to learn about their parks and the world around them.
Snail mail address:

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area
1008 Crest Drive
Coulee Dam , WA 99116
Attn: Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Geologist
Geologists study what the earth is made of and how it was formed. They also investigate things like earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions.
A child looks through a telescope at the moon with another child nearby on the Night Sky banner.
What secrets can you find in the dark skies above? Explore the moon, map the stars, and rove the planets.
Junior Ranger Biologist
Biologists study humans, animals, plants, and bacteria to get a better understanding of how the natural world interacts.
Junior Ranger - Historian
Learn about the past and look for stories and items that help us paint a picture of long ago.
Junior Ranger Artist Banner
Explore the world around you by creating or experiencing art in the park or wherever you are.

Junior Ranger Park Protector
What can you do to help keep your park safe?
Junior Ranger - Water Warrior
What is your favorite way to visit the lake? in a boat? on the beach? How do you stay safe?
A child rock climbing and a child hiking on a Park Adventurer banner.
Be an explorer! Hike the trails, kayak the waters, find the best swimming spot on the lake.
LARO Junior Ranger Passport Stamp

A big thank you, Junior Ranger, for visiting Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area!

Download and print/glue/staple this passport stamp this passport stamp to your book.
Or you can download and save it to your phone or computer.

Last updated: April 4, 2023

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Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area
1008 Crest Drive

Coulee Dam, WA 99116


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