Junior Ranger - Wildland Fire

A firefighter talks to kids and a ranger about wildland fire.
Hello, Junior Rangers!

Today we're here to remind everyone about the three P's of fire safety.

  • Prevent - Remember to take all the steps you need to make having a campfire safe for every one. This means pets too!
  • Plan - Before you leave home on a camping trip, make a list of the things you will need to keep your campfire safe. Shovel? Bucket? What else?
  • Practice - Set up a pretend campfire outside and use flashlights for the fire. Place all your safety equipment nearby just as if it were a real fire.
Complete two activities below to finish this page.


  1. Create a game about campfire safety rules. What do you need to remember? What kind of equipment should you have nearby? What are the do's and don'ts of collecting firewood? You can make your game a question/answer or a board game using cardboard or even just a piece of paper. What are the rules? How do you win this game?
  2. Complete a safety inspection of the campfire ring at your campground before and after your group uses it. Make sure to check for flammable things that are too close. Do you have all your safety equipment nearby? Water? Shovel? How do you check to see that the fire is completely out before you leave? Create a checklist that everyone can follow.
  3. Create a fire safety poster, song, brochure, or video that you can share with others about why we want to keep fire under control in our national parks.

Now take a moment and learn about some other fire safety ideas with Ranger Donovan at Joshua Tree National Park!
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Learn tips and tricks for campfires with Ranger Donovan.

A Junior Ranger booklet and badge for Wildland Fire education.

To complete the Wildland Fire: Junior Ranger booklet and get your pin:

Follow this link, download the book, contact a park on the list to get your badge or download and print the online version.

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