Junior Ranger - Bark Ranger

A dog sits in front of a canoe on the lakeshore with the sun setting to the left.
Learn the rules of B.A.R.K., participate in two activities below, and take the oath to become a Bark Ranger!

Bag your poop!

Keep our park a clean and healthy place to visit. Bags are provided at most day use areas and trailheads. Put your bags in the trash when finished.

Always wear a leash!

Even a well-behaved dog can get excited when visiting our national parks. Please stay on a leash no more than 6 feet long. This keeps everyone safe, and keeps Bark Rangers from accidentally scaring other visitors.

Respect wildlife!

You are visiting the homes of other animals when walking around Lake Roosevelt. Please stay on the trails and be respectful. Please, no chasing any animals you may encounter.

Know where you can go!

Dogs are allowed throughout the park, except developed water access areas, as long as they wear their leash. Remember your manners when exploring so future generations of Bark Rangers can enjoy the park as well.


  1. BARK in the Park - Take a close look at the picture at the top of the page. Is this dog following the rules of BARK? What should that dog be doing to keep other animals and friends safe in the park?
  2. Take a Hike - Make sure your pet is on a leash no longer than 6 feet (2 meters). Bring plenty of poop bags and use them when necessary. Don't forget to dispose of them in a trash can!
  3. Have a Picnic - Whether in your living room, in a local park, or on the lakeshore, find a spot to share a snack with your pet. Remember to keep them on a leash, dispose of any poop bags if needed, and always check hot pavement with the back of your hand before letting your pet walk across a street or parking lot on a hot day. If you can't hold your hand there, it's too hot!
  4. Service Dogs - Take a look at the picture below. What is difference between this dog and a pet? What are some important rules about service animals? This dog is alert and working. Remember to never pet a service animal, because it will distract them from their job. Find out about two types of service animals that you might meet.

A black and white fluffy service dog sits on a wall, wearing a working vest and leash.


BARK Ranger Pledge:

(Fill in your pet's name and your name in the spaces. Raise your right hand and your pet's paw and read the pledge out loud.)

I, _______________________, a well-behaved dog, and my human, ____________________, promise to respect the rules of B.A.R.K. and to help show others how to care for our National Parks.

Congratulations, BARK Ranger!

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Last updated: April 21, 2022