Junior Ranger: Respect and Protect

It is important that we each do our part to respect and protect Lake Roosevelt, ourselves, and each other. But what does that mean?

To 'Leave No Trace' means to let nature remain wild and have little impact while out in nature. There are seven principles to help us do that when out on the trail, in the water or at home. Here are some rangers from St Croix National Scenic Riverway helping us understand what Leave No Trace is all about!
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Take a walk with Rangers Dave and Liz on an educational and entertaining program about Leave No Trace. In this presentation, you will learn about a set of outdoor rules when visiting the outdoors. Leave No Trace means visiting a place without leaving any evidence that you were there except for your footprints.

Do You Know the Principles of Leave No Trace?

Read the descriptions, then learn the hand signs
to help remember the seven Leave No Trace Principles.

1. Know Before You Go
Be prepared! Check the weather and bring the right clothing. Use maps to find your way. Learn about the areas you will visit ahead of time.
  • Hold up one finger. Tap your pointer finger to your head like your you’re thinking. Then point away for go.
2. Choose the Right Path
Stay on the trail to protect nature and keep from getting lost. Avoid stepping on flowers and vegetation.
  • Hold up two fingers. Then move them across the opposite arm like they are walking on a path.
3. Trash Your Trash
Pack it in, pack it out. Put litter in trash cans or take it home.
  • Hold up three fingers. In the opposite hand, make a circle with your hand. Put the three fingers in the hole like throwing trash away in a trash can.
4. Leave What You Find
Leave plants, rocks, artifacts, and other items as you find them so others may enjoy them too. Take pictures not things!
  • Hold up four fingers. Then make a corner in each hand using your thumb and index finger. Put them up to your eye like a camera.
5. Be Careful with Fire
Use a camp stove for cooking. Use existing fire rings and keep your fire small. Make sure the fire is out and cold when you leave.
  • Hold up five fingers. In the other, make a fire pit by making your hand flat. Then wiggle your five fingers like a fire above your firepit hand.
6. Respect Wildlife
Observe animals from a distance and never approach, feed, or follow them.
  • Hold three fingers up on each hand. Place your hand behind your head like bunny ears or deer antlers.
7. Be Kind to Other Visitors
Make sure the fun you have outdoors does not bother anyone else. Avoid loud voices and noises.
  • Hold up seven fingers. Wave with one hand to be kind.
Now take the pledge and use the hand signs to Leave No Trace!

I, ___________________, pledge to apply Leave No Trace Principles wherever I go!

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Last updated: April 20, 2022