National Junior Ranger Booklets

Ranger holds three activity booklets: Night Explorer, Sound Explorer, Junior Angler
Park Ranger holds a few of the Junior Ranger program's national theme booklets.

NPS/K. Anton


What are National Theme Junior Ranger programs?

In addition to Junior Ranger programs specific to their site, many parks also offer National Theme Junior Ranger Programs. These activity booklets help kids connect to topics that are important to many places across the National Park Service.

Who can participate?

Kids, families, and the young at heart are invited to become Junior Rangers! People of all abilities are welcome. Many programs are targeted to ages 5 –14, but are available to all.

How do I participate in person?

If you’re looking to work on a National Theme Junior Ranger program on your next visit, check with the National Park Service site before visiting to confirm what types of Junior Ranger programs are available on-site.

How do I participate online?

Check out the National Theme Junior Ranger programs below to learn more about each program. Some programs have online activities, and some offer a downloadable booklet. Completion awards vary with each program and may include a printable certificate, badge, digital high five, or a physical patch or badge. Many programs only offer a physical reward in person at a participating location.


Become a Junior...

The Eclipse Explorer Junior Ranger book on a night sky blue background
2023-2024 Eclipse Explorer

Learn about solar eclipses with this Eclipse Explorer Junior Ranger program from the National Park Service and The Planetary Society.

Two kids hold up Junior Ranger badges from Herbert Hoover National Historic Site
On-Site Junior Ranger Programs

Find Junior Ranger programs at the next National Park Site you're visiting.


Frequently Asked Questions about National Theme Programs

The following questions and answers are for the National Junior Ranger booklets, which are based on a theme instead of a specific National Park Service site.

Check whether the booklet you completed has a badge or patch completion award. Select the booklet from the national Junior Ranger booklets page to view the completion award for that booklet. If the booklet does offer a completion award, email a photograph of a completed page in your booklet to with your mailing address. A staff member fulfills orders every two to three weeks and will email you a confirmation once your request is in the mail.

Completion awards vary with each Junior Ranger booklet program and may include a printable certificate or badge, a digital high-five, or a physical badge or patch. Not every Junior Ranger Program has a physical badge or patch award. Junior Ranger Programs are managed by programs across the country. It may take time to direct your request to the right program. Check the national Junior Ranger booklets webpage to learn more about the completion award for each booklet program. If your Junior Ranger booklet has a badge or patch completion award, we will send your physical badge or patch via USPS. Turnaround time varies with each program and usually takes several weeks. Please feel free to email us again if you have not received your badge or patch two months after your request.

Select a booklet from the national Junior Ranger Booklets webpage. Download a booklet from the webpage for that booklet. Keep in mind that completion awards vary with each Junior Ranger booklet program and may include a printable certificate or badge, a digital high-five, or a physical badge or patch. View the webpage for each booklet to learn more about how to use it and what completion award is offered.

Did you pick up your booklet at a National Park Service site? If so, check with that park site regarding the completion award. Site-specific booklets and completion awards are managed at their corresponding park sites. Did you complete a national Junior Ranger booklet? View the page for that booklet for more information on the type of completion award that is offered and next steps.

The quickest option is to download a booklet from one of the national Junior Ranger programs listed on the national Junior Ranger booklet webpage. If you do not have access to a printer, please email us your mailing address and we will mail you the requested booklet.

If you have not received your badge or patch in two months, please notify us at

Notify us at and we will send you a replacement.