Junior Paleontologist

cartoon drawing of rangers and kids exploring for fossils

EXPLORE the ways that paleontologists work, and the methods and tools they use to understand ancient life.

LEARN about Earth's history, ancient plants and animals, and changes to past climate and environments.

PROTECT our national parks, including fossils and the rocks in which they are found.

Junior Paleontologist Activity Book cover

Download the Junior Paleontologist Activity Booklet here

NOTE: This is a publication of the National Park Service. It contains copyrighted artwork and is being made available in this format exclusively for non-commercial, educational purposes.

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To request materials for classroom use, please contact us.
If you received a booklet at an event or fossil site and would like to receive a badge, please mail the completed booklet—it will be returned to you—along with your name and return address to:

Jason Kenworthy
NPS Geologic Resources Division
P.O. Box 25287
Denver, CO 80225

The Junior Paleontologist Program is a part of the National Park Service Junior Ranger Program. The goal of the Junior Ranger Program is to connect young people to their national parks through a variety of in-park activities that are designed to introduce them to the national park system and cultivate future generations of park stewards. Programs range from simple scavenger hunts for younger children, to multi-day ranger-led activities. Over 200 National Park Service areas currently have Junior Ranger programs. Learn more about NPS Junior Ranger programs.

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