Wildland Fire: Junior Ranger Program

Illustration of a wildland firefighter dressed in full firefighter gear holding a drip torch down with a flame coming from the torch.
Wildland firefighter holding a drip torch.


Welcome! Get ready to become a Junior Wildland Firefighter.

EXPLORE the natural cycle of fire in parks.

LEARN what wildland firefighters use to fight fires.

PROTECT your home and parks from wildfires

Download the booklet

  • Complete as many activities as you can

  • Have a parent/guardian review your work.

  • Print your online badge and celebrate your success!

Cover of wildland fire junior ranger booklet with badge inset.
Wildland Fire Junior Ranger Activity Booklet and Badge.


Print your badge


Junior Ranger Logo
Junior Ranger Logo


Find a junior firefighter program near you. The following National Park Service sites have junior firefighter programs:

There may be other parks not included on the above list that have a junior wildland firefighter program. If you go to a national park, ask if they have a junior firefighter program in which you could participate. There are lots of subjects to explore! Here are some other junior ranger books available for download.

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Last updated: February 23, 2024