Junior Ranger Books

Programs and special events offer junior ranger books to engage visitors at an early age. Check out these special interest books that you can download and do at home or at your favorite park.

Notice: Following local stay-at-home orders, staff supporting the Junior Ranger programs are teleworking, and we have temporarily suspended the mailing and processing of books and badges.

The activity booklets will remain available for download, along with a virtual badge you can award at home.

Historic blue, red, and black Jupiter train on the tracks.

Become A Junior Ranger Railroad Explorer

Before the transcontinental railroad, it took six months to cross the country. Find out how the railroad changed the United States.

Illustration of a mom, dad, son, and daughter setting up a tent in camp by a lake.

Explore Parks Through Sound

Listen carefully. Learn about the science of sound. Discover why it is important to parks.

Yellow legged telescopes dot a grassy field at dusk. People are in the background.

Become a Spaceflight Explorer

National parks and outer space have more in common than you might think! Check out how parks are teaming up with NASA.

Blue Earth in space with swirling clouds over the western hemisphere.

Spaceflight Explorer Activities

Celebrate 50 Years of Earth from Space. Learn what technology from space improves your lives today.

Boy stands along the shore with a fishing pole in hand.

Become A Junior Ranger Angler

Explore fish and fishing through a Junior Ranger activity book dedicated to things that swim.

Girl in orange shirt looks up and shadows on the wall of a cave.

Become a Junior Cave Scientist

Explore a fascinating and fragile underground world. Learn about caves and karst landscapes. Complete a few fun activities.

A person sits on a large rock gazing at a multitude of stars

Become a Night Skies Explorer

Learn to find the North Star, discover the world of constellations, galaxies, and other night time phenomena.

Girl sifts dirt searching for pottery sherds.

Become A Junior Archeologist

Learn about what archeology is, and what archeologists do.

Two people in diving gear move around a reef.

Explore an Underwater World

From fresh water fish to salt water sea turtles there is so much more to discover below the water line.

Several kids are looking for fossils on flat bolders.

Become a Junior Paleontogist

Learn about ancient life. Complete fun activities. Explore some of the national parks that offer you a look into the prehistoric.

Last updated: April 4, 2022