Hiking in the South Section

A hiker with a dark grey backpack, navy shorts and tank top walls across moss covered rocks in a stream. She is surrounded by forest foliage of pine trees, ferns, and other low plants.
Hiker walking across rocks through a stream on Deasey Mountain Trail.

NPS / Sarah King

The south section of Katahdin Woods and Waters offers the widest variety of trails in the monument. Enjoy stunning views from a backcountry peak or listen to frogs croak from one of several lively ponds. With ADA accessible trails as well as access to the IAT, the south section is perfect for all ages and abilities.

Stay safe and help protect the park! Carry in and drink plenty of water, there is no potable water anywhere in the monument. Pack out all trash. Do not approach or feed wildlife.
Trail Difficulty Distance (Round-Trip) Elevation Gain
Deasey Ponds Easy 1.2mi / 2.3km 72ft / 21m
Lynx Pond Easy 0.2mi / 0.3km None
Barnard Mountain Easy to Moderate 4 mi/6.4 km 792ft / 241m
Orin Falls Moderate 6 mi/9.7 km 87ft / 26m
Deasey Mountain Difficult 10 mi / 16.1 km 1,593ft / 485m
Lunksoos Mountain Difficult 12.6 mi / 20.3 km 1,332ft / 405m
Esker Wetland Easy 1 mile / 1.6 km 50ft / 15m
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    Last updated: April 30, 2024

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